Why You Should Shop At ReStore Before You Buy Anything New For Your Home

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Why You Should Shop At ReStore Habitat For Humanity Before You Buy Anything New For Your Home
Are you tackling a remodeling project any time soon? Check out this post below to find out how you can save money shopping at your local ReStore. You can also scroll down below to print out a free printable DIY Project Check List to help you plan your project before you begin!
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Why You Should Shop At ReStore Habitat for Humanity Before You Buy Anything New For Your Home


Are you looking to spruce up your home this year? Be sure to scroll down below to print out a free printable DIY Project Check List to help you plan your project before you begin to demo.

Maybe you are thinking of adding some new accent pieces of furniture to your home.

Or maybe you are trying to find a new headboard and even a trundle bed for your guest bedroom.

But you don’t want to spend a lot of money or go overboard and buy the entire Ralph Lauren Line from that fancy furniture store.

Stress no more, check out your local ReStore by Habitat for Humanity to find your next piece de resistance (shabby chic buffet) to feature proudly in your very own dining room.


What is Restore?

ReStore is a thrift store that sells gently used items for the Habitat for Humanity.


Who does it benefit?

Everything that you buy from your local ReStore will benefit The Habitat For Humanity Foundation.

Anyone can donate to Restore. In lieu of cash donation, you can also donate any furniture or household items that you may no longer have a use for.

You can also help by buying gently used or leftover building materials that you can use for your own remodeling project or find one of a kind, unique, or even antique home decor pieces to decorate your own homes.

Items such as that old grandfather clock you were gifted by your great aunt Gertrude. You love the thought and the warm gesture but honestly you just can’t stand the look of it in your home. So, why not take a picture of it for old time sake and then toss it in your car and promptly take it over to your local ReStore so that someone else can bring it home to love? Not only will you will receive a receipt for it so that you can claim it on your tax credit, you’ll be bringing joy to that one special someone whose a real aficionado of ancient grandfather clocks. It’s a win-win for everyone!


What are their business hours?

They are open every day, 7 days a week. For more information, you can check out their website for more info about the location that is nearest to you at https://www.habitat.org/restores.


Where can you find them?

Chances are, there are several of these ReStore by Habitat for Humanity Stores located in a major city near you.

Just do a google search for the nearest location to you and bring them your old furniture, appliances, and household goods that you no longer use.

Here is a list of acceptable items that they will take off your hands.

They will even send a truck to come and pick up large pieces of furniture from your homes if you call them and ask about availability.


Why should you shop there?

There are several things that you can buy used without having to pay an arm and a leg for like you would expect to pay for a similar brand new item in regular retail stores.

Does it matter to you that you paid just $10 for a used black filing cabinet from ReStore?

Or would you rather pay for the exact same thing brand new at your local office supply store for $95?

It’s a no-brainer when you compare apples to apples on something like as mundane as a filing cabinet for your home office.


Here are just a few things that we have found for our own home, over the years, that we purchased for a bargain from our local ReStore:


  • Black File cabinet $10, for our home office 
  • Interior Trim $0.50 per foot, to fix up trim work around certain rooms in our house
  • Paint Supplies & 10 pk foam brushes $1 each, for various paint projects and kids’ artwork 
  • Small Wooden Cabinet Drawers $5, to restore furniture pieces we have received as hand-me-downs
  • White Square Ceramic Tiles 12×12’ $0.10 per piece, to fix up the broken tiles inside our shower 
  • Office Chair $10, also for our home office
  • Night Stand $5, to use as a side table


In Summary:

The next time you have an inkling to redo your living room decor, add pizzazz to your guest room, or update your master bedroom, be sure to check out your local ReStore Habitat for Humanity location.


The real fun happens when you’re not exactly sure what you are looking for.


It is like digging for gold and thinking of ways to bring out a diamond in the rough when you can envision transforming an old dresser into a cool modern farmhouse/shabby chic serving buffet in your dining room.

Need to a little help planning out your next DIY project?

Check out this free printable DIY Project Check List below to help you stay on a budget!


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