Travis With The Nice Voice

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Every successful star has to start from humble beginnings, but have hope and keep on going.
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Travis With The Nice Voice

I have to admit that this is somewhat of an unusual post for me.

However, I feel that it is a necessary reminder for all of us who may be struggling to reach our true potential.

If you are feeling like you are a bit out of sorts and down on your luck lately, this is a friendly reminder from me to you to never give up on your dreams no matter how hard it can be to envision.


My Hubby came home after a doozy of a workday on Monday and decided to take us all out for an impromptu dinner.

He was famished from all of the brouhaha going on at work and as a result, had to skip lunch.

All he wanted to do was get home so we can all go swimming at the Y together as a family.


You see, we carried this routine over from our summer schedule and decided to make this part of our weekly family bonding time together this quarter too.

And so far, it’s been working out great (pun intended)! ??‍♀️


He managed to make it home at the same time as the kids got off their bus. We scurried off like a family of famished field mice and made a mad dash to our local Olive Garden.

 (Note: We normally meal plan and eat dinners at home to save money, so this was highly unusual for us.)

Just in time to beat the usual dinner crowd rush.

As we sat down at our table, a polite yet quiet well-mannered young man took our order. We thought nothing of it as we gave him our menus and got back to talking about our highs and lows of our day.


Off in the distance down the corridor, we can hear the faint sound of a clapping where a family of folks was gathering around a bunch of colorful balloons.

And then, as if on cue the crowd grew silent and were looking around in bewilderment trying to figure out why…


There he was, like a newly hatched songbird trying to push past his fear was our waiter, Travis who was belting out the most beautiful rendition of Happy Birthday I have ever heard. ?

His voice reminded me of a young Michael Jackson, light, fresh, and somewhat syrupy. 

I wanted him to keep on singing, but sadly we were all still very hungry. 


As he served us our piping hot endless pasta, we learned that Travis has got big dreams for himself as an aspiring singer.

He’s tried out for America’s Got Talent, The Voice, and The X Factor in years past and he’s going to try out again until he makes it.

Travis tells me that working at the OG, isn’t the end all be all for him as it allows him to hone his singing skills in preparation for his bigger goal in life of becoming the next big singing sensation. 

But in the meantime, he will continue to work towards refining his voice one birthday song at a time as he is grateful for the encouragement from his fans along the way.


Just like Travis, your life may not be what you had originally intended for it to look like at this very moment in time.

But my hope for you is to keep chipping away at your goals anyway and continue to show up every day to hone in and refine your skills.

Because you’ll see one day, like Travis, you will be able to look back and be grateful for all of the work you’ve put in to make your dream become your reality and I’ll be here to encourage you along your journey too.

So if this is you, I want more than anything to reach out to you and say:

Never ever give up on your dreams, Darling! ❤️??


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