88 Ways To Celebrate Summer Break With Your Family


How Will You Celebrate Summer Break With Your Kids?

Goodbye school, hello summer! 🙂

So school is finally over for our kids this year, and they could not be any happier.

Not that they did not enjoy school, on the contrary, they actually do!

But more so that they have been counting down the days for summer vacation to finally arrive and bid farewell to a job well-done throughout the year.

I could not even bear to bring it up that them that summer does not officially begin until June 21st. But they could care less and I cannot blame them for it.

If I were still a kid, I would probably feel the same way, wouldn’t you? They are just ecstatic to finally be home, relax, and of course-sleep in.

However, that also means less time for this Mommy to get her stuff done while her kiddos are running amok at home! What’s a girl suppose to do?

Make a plan! That’s what we’ll do!

So we sat down together (yep, the kiddos and I) and scribbled down:

1-what sounds good (marshmallows by the fire while watching the stars at night),

2-what we absolutely had to do (summer enrichment homework- ugh! 🙁 ),

3-what we should do instead, (making our own comic strips as inspired by Captain Underpants),

4- and what we can all agree on (making plans to do things together as a family).

We have all agreed that we are really good at this list-making-thing and also spending quality time together doing absolutely anything. 😛

That makes me happy and I am ever-so-grateful for it.

If you would like your very own free PDF copy of our “88 Ways To Celebrate Summer Break With Your Family,” you can download it to your device and print it out for your own use below.




                   88 Ways To Celebrate Summer Break With Your Kids:

A-Random Acts of Kindness:

1-bake & decorate cookies to give away as gifts to neighbors, seniors, friends, family, shelters, etc.
2-donate used toys, games, books, clothes to the homeless, hospitals, library, Goodwill, Church, etc.
3-volunteer at a women’s shelter, children’s hospital, clinic, or animal rescue center
4-host a dinner party or potluck
5-cook dinner for a random family, friends, or elderly neighbors
6-share your bounty with friends, family, or strangers
7-buy a meal for the person in line behind you
8-create a care package for the needy
9-Cook or prepare a meal for your parents
10-Offer to help wash the car, do hard work, fold laundry, sweep the floors, do dishes, or take out trash


11-make unicorn or glow in the dark slime
12-make friendship bracelets
13-recreate famous Art Masterpieces and display as artwork
14-make paper crafts like origami
15-make felt Crafts like stuffed animals
16-DIY your own fort out of cardboard boxes
17-make your own costume using materials around the house
18-reuse your Halloween costumes & play dress up


18-light show outside in the dark with glow in the dark bands, flash lights
19-water balloon fights
20-running through sprinklers & slip n slides
21-pillow fights
22-hopscotch in the driveway with chalk
23-chalk mazes in the driveway
24-chalk art in the driveway
25-laser tag
26-put put mini golf
28-amusement park
29-carnival and fairs
30-festivals and concerts
31-SkyZone trampoline park
32-Dave & buster’s
33-roller skating
34-water park
35-scavenger hunt
36-3 legged race
37-balance an egg
38-Simon says
39-bad Minton/ping pong
40-corn holes
43-play cards or board games like Uno, Monopoly, Charades, Pictionary, or Clue


44-kids science experiments: volcano, tornado,
45-trip to the zoo
46-trip to the library
47-summer reading with Barnes & nobles
48-summer reading with half price books
49-trip to the museums (art, Childrens, history, botanical gardens)
50-trip to the planetarium
51-trip to the aquarium
52-take enrichment classes like coding
53-learn how to paint, draw, or sculpt with clay
54-learn how to play an instrument
55-take voice lessons for singing
56-take dance lessons
57-take a cooking class
58-take a self defense class
59-learn how to sew
60-plant a garden of flowers
61-grow your own produce
62-practice math skills
63-write to a pen pal in another country
64-crossword puzzles
66-little things digital puzzles for rainy days
67-catch a caterpillar and watch its lifecycle
68-bird watching lifecycle
69-set up a lemonade stand to earn money


E-Family Bonding:
70-make a memory scrapbook journal of your summer experience
71-family game night (video games, cards, board games, or trivia)
72-family movie night
73-baseball game
74-go camping
75-go fishing
76-go to the beach
77-go to the pools/splash parks together
78-join a sports team
79-go water skiing, paddle boating, tubing
80-write thank you letters, just-becauses, birthday cards to family & friends
81-kids decide what to do day
82-assign a color uniform day
83-mismatch dress day
84-cook or prep a meal and/or dessert together as a family
85-camp in the backyard (s’mores, hot dogs, & hobo dinners)
86-plan a vacation/staycation together

87-go bike riding in the park together

88-pick a trail and go hiking



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