How To Save Time & Money With Walmart Grocery Pickup

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How To Save Time & Money With Walmart Grocery Pickup


screenshot on 2/12/18 @ 11:42pm


Do you have a Walmart Curbside pickup location near you?

Omigoodness!  Guess what we just got here in town- grocery curbside pickup from Walmart!

Unless you’re a “kool kat” who lives in a hip and trendy place like SoCal, grocery curbside pickup will make your heart skip a beat too, like mine just did!

It’s the next best thing since sliced bread.

Not only does grocery pickup save me time, but it also saves me money because it lets me

visually see how much is in my cart while I am shopping online!

Save even more time and money with my free printable Weekly Menu Plan, scroll down below

to print one out for yourself!


 Do you have a local Walmart Curbside Grocery Pickup service in your area? Click here to

check whether or not you do.

If you do not have one yet, chances are it’s coming to an area near you soon.


Here’s how it works:

  1. Location:

Simply click on the link above & type in your zip code to see if this service is available in your area.

If it is, select your store where you’d like to pick up your groceries


screenshot on 2/12/18 @ 11:42 pm



2. Select:

Select your groceries from the list of drop-down categories or do a manual search for your favorite brand of products.


screenshot on 2/12/18 at 11:46 AM


3. Add:

Then add any specific quantity of items to your cart


screenshot on 2/12/18 at 11:44 AM


4. When:

Select the date and time that you will be picking up your groceries (usually available within 24 hours of your order confirmation)


5. Pay:

Click the check out button and choose your payment option(s)


6. Confirm:

Walmart will email your receipt and order confirmation.

They will also give you a reminder call 15-30 minutes of your selected pickup time.


7. Pickup:

Finally, drive to your store of choice (based on the availability of service in your area) at your scheduled time of pickup.

Follow the signs to the curbside pickup area.

If you don’t see the concierge, call the number that is posted on the orange Curbside Pickup sign on the front or sides of the building.

Then, simply wait for your Personal Walmart Shopper to bring you a swag bag full of freebies (see pic below) along with your groceries.


How awesome is that?! ☺

  • Imagine staying in your favorite comfy pajamas as you hop in the car and simply pick up your groceries!
  • Or how about skipping the whole makeup routine altogether?!  
  • Think of how much time you could save?! Personally, this saves me at least a good 30 minutes.
  • Since I’m not prepping to go out in public, I don’t have to worry about my hair, face, or clothes.

I just throw on a t-shirt and some jeans and then execute my “weekend mom routine.”

I can easily, and more than willingly, set aside my “business mom routine” for a more important day.  

Now that’s a score for us introverts! Don’t you think?


This brings me to the MAJOR benefit of using the Walmart Groceries Curbside Pickup service:  

  • no more interacting with that disgruntled employee whose ready to harp on the next live creature they see.
  • Another great benefit of using the Walmart Groceries Curbside Pickup service is that you are not constantly wasting your hard earned cash while cruising the grocery store with impulse buys.

10 for $10 specials anyone?

While a deal on a 10 pack of tuna might seem enticing to you, at first, unless you are looking for specific alternatives to eating meat, you may find those packets may expire faster than you can care to consume them. Thus wasting you more money.

Been there, done that, rotten food really sucks… 🙁

Yes! Sign me up yesterday, why didn’t they think of this sooner?

Yes, please!

Check out my free swag bag of goodies below!

They definitely made me feel like a modern-day Queen of Sheba here.


For my first grocery curbside pickup order, a really sweet Walmart Personal Shopper lady gave me a free swag bag of full of goodies that included:

  • a bottle of Snapple Straight Up Tea,
  • a bag of Paqui Brand Tortilla Chips,
  • a sample packet of Suavitel Fabric Softener Beads,
  • a sample bar of Quaker Oats Cranberry Almond Breakfast Bar,
  • and a handful of mixed flavored Dum Dum lollipops for my kiddos



Here are some things to consider before your first Walmart Groceries Curbside Pickup:

You must have a minimum order of $30 to be able to pick up your groceries.


  1. Updated as of 8/30/2018: You can now download the Walmart Grocery app onto your smartphone to order groceries from the convenience of your fingertips while you are on-the-go running errands!

2. Once you’ve installed the app, just type in your zip code to find the nearest location and start grocery shopping on your phone.

3. Unlike regular grocery stores, Walmart Groceries Pickup is open all the time because you place the order and decide when you want to pick it up.

4. You can pick up your groceries on the same day if you place your online grocery order by 10 AM that day.

5. You can use Walmart Groceries Curbside Pickup online & via mobile!

6. You can use the coupon code below to save $10 on your first grocery purchase of $50  or more to save yourself some cash.

7. You can use rebate apps like iBotta, Checkout 51, BerryCart, etc. to save even more money in your wallet.

8. Your first three grocery shopping trips are free and then you will be charged $4.95 each time after that.

9. If you happen to order an item that was out of stock, you can decide whether or not you want a comparable item by checking the “Allow Substitution” checkbox.

10. Many times they will offer to swap out a bigger and better item for you,  like 3 lb. bag of organic Fuji apples if they are out of the 1 lb. bag of regular fuji apples for the same price.

11. Your Walmart Personal Shopper will hand pick your produce, deli, or meats to make sure they are as fresh as possible.

12. You can also specify in the comment box what you are specifically looking for and they will honor your requests for free.

13. Household items like toothpaste and detergents are included in this service.

14. I can scroll through my cart and look to see exactly what’s inside without the distractions of people, orchids, rotisserie smells, and background noise. (Thus sparing me from my guilty pleasures aka Reese’s peanut butter & Skittles.)

15. I can shop in peace, from the convenience of my laptop. Instead of worrying about my kids clearing out the entire ice cream aisle when I’m busy being distracted by said orchids from above ^.

16. I can scroll through and look at my previous order history and see what I can add or subtract to my grocery budget for the week or month.

17. I can also use the scroll feature to see all the necessary ingredients without making an extra shopping list or meal plan.

18. Seeing it all digitally saves me time and money as well as paper.

19. What do you know, my pros list is longer than my cons list!



  1. Although they do accept manufacturer coupons inside their stores, one of my biggest gripes is that Walmart Curbside Pickup does not accept coupons.


2. You can use their Walmart Curbside Pickup $10 off of any $35 grocery purchase coupon code only once and it is only reserved for 1st-time customers only.


4. You cannot combine your 1-time coupon code with any other offers.


5. Variety of food items are limited especially specialty international cuisines.


6. While you can go inside and grab a package of sushi from the refrigerated section of the store, you cannot order these via Walmart Curbside Pickup (at this time).


7. Also, depending on your location and season, we have found that on several occasions, advertised items like mini bananas were not available when we came to pick up our groceries.

So either, this needs to be updated or it was erroneously advertised.


As promised, here is my free printable Weekly Menu Plan to help you save time, money, and

stress by knowing exactly what to feed your family, enjoy!



Although we may have been a little bit disappointed by this, it was not enough to stop us from

automating our grocery errands with Walmart Curbside Pickup service.

  Score!! Thank you, Walmart!

You’ve really made my day that much sweeter.☺


   As if that wasn’t enough to entice you, Walmart is now offering a limited time discount code for first-time customers to simply try out their free grocery curbside pickup service!


  You will receive $10 off a minimum purchase of $50 and free grocery curbside pickup order with the link below:


Try them out for yourself and let me know if it has changed the way you grocery shop too.



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