Roundup: 40 DIY Gift Ideas For When You Are Too Broke To Buy Anything Else

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Roundup: 40 DIY Gift Ideas For When You Are Too Broke To Buy Anything Else


Is it just me or does it seem like the holidays keep creeping up sooner and sooner year after year? Or maybe it’s because I am getting older now. 

Either way, anytime I go out to run an errand and walk into a store, it seems like they are displaying things six months in advance of the actual holiday. 

Unless you have your heart set on something specific, as long as you buy the item during the same week or a couple of weeks before the actual day of the event, you’re almost guaranteed to get the best deal possible either way before and right after the event itself. 

The holidays are upon are finally here and for many of us that means a season of excessive spending and going into further debt just to show how much we appreciate our loved ones. But it does not have to be the case.

However, if you’re just plain broke and you can’t stand spending a ridiculous amount of money on a silly gift in honor of yet another hallmark holiday, here are 40+ DIY ideas for you to make instead of buy for the person who would appreciate a gift from the heart instead of another store-bought gift.


Health & Beauty:

Health & Beauty products are excellent products to give as gifts to anyone because we can all use them to make us all look and feel good. Since these are all DIY gifts, there isn’t a worry about the high costs that are often associated with looking good and feeling good.

Here are a few of my favorite DIY health & beauty products that you can make and give as gifts that anyone would be lucky to have!


 Bath Scrubs:

  1. Coconut Salt Scrub

With only 3 ingredients in this coconut salt scrub from Valerie, not only is it simple to make, but it is also budget-friendly and easy to find at any local store. Just add your favorite scent with your favorite essential oil to personalize for anyone on your list.




Lemon Sugar Scrub recipe

2.Sugar Scrub

Citrus scents are some of my favorite scents because it gives me a feeling of cleanliness and it makes me feel more energetic and happy. If you have a citrus lover on your gift list this year, be sure to check out this post from Beauty Crafter. It also includes a gorgeous printable label that you can use for your packaging jar! 🙂




3. Lavender Bath Salts 

This dazzling jar of Lavendar Bath Salts is a great gift idea to make for a young lady on your gift list whose a fan of sparkly purple or maybe even a fan of mermaid themed parties. It doesn’t necessarily have to be for Christmas either. You can even use this Lavender Bath Salts recipe for something like a girls’ night in where everyone can have their own DIY spa mani-pedi treatment!





4. DIY Lavender Vanilla Lip Scrub

Speaking of Lavender, here is a DIY Lavender Vanilla Lip Scrub recipe from Chelsea that combines the scents of lavender and vanilla along with coconut oil for a lip scrub that is so scrumptious that your lips will thank you for making them look and feel as soft and supplement as the day you were born.





5. Rose & Frankincense Sugar Scrub

Nothing says luxury quite like rose petals and the anti-aging effects of frankincense. Here is a rose & frankincense sugar scrub from Meraki that is sure to brighten up her day.





6. DIY Coffee Scrub 

Coffee lovers unite! Although you cannot drink it, this DIY Coffee Scrub from Ann-Marie will sure to perk up your nostrils, skin, and circulation too.




7. DIY Peppermint Sugar Scrub Recipe 

This DIY Peppermint Sugar Scrub Recipe from Jaclyn will make you feel all tingly inside and give you all the feels of the holiday season. With only 3 ingredients, this will make a great stocking stuffer or a wonderful addition to your holiday gift basket that frugal to boot!




8. Easy DIY Brown Sugar Scrub Recipe 

If you like the DIY Peppermint Sugar Scrub Recipe above from Jaclyn, you’re going to love this Easy DIY Brown Sugar Scrub Recipe from her as well. Like the recipe above, this one also has 3 ingredients: brown sugar, honey, and olive oil, making it an easy, accessible, and not to mention, thrifty DIY gift for you to make and give out this holiday season.


 Bath Bombs:

Bath bombs are an easy favorite for anyone who can use some alone time to relax and unwind from the stresses of their workdays to the stresses of the holiday season. Give them the gift of self-care with these bath bomb recipes.



9. Vicks Shower Tablets 

What a fantastic idea for cold & flu season! This homemade Vicks Shower Tablets recipe is not only deceivingly cute with its colorful sprinkles and sparkly glitter, but it also packs a serious menthol punch using real Vicks Vapor Rub as one of it’s main ingredient. This is one gift that anyone is going to appreciate whether or not they’d get sick this season.




10. Lemon Zest Bath Bombs 

For an invigorating bath experience, try this lemon zest bath bombs recipe from Kim. With about a handful of ingredients that can be found inside your kitchen and pantry, you’ll know exactly how safe and ingredients are before gifting them away to your loved ones.




11. DIY Shower Bombs 

Bath & shower bombs are all the rage these days. Here is an easy tutorial from Brandi on how to make your own DIY shower bombs and customize in any way you’d like for the perfect gift or stocking stuffer.



Lotions are a must for anyone who suffers from dry, itchy, sensitive skin. Give them a thoughtful gift that will keep their hands soft, moist, and comfortable from the cold harsh weather outside.


lavender lotion 

12. DIY Lavender Lotion 

Bitter cold winters can wreak havoc on sensitive skin this time of year. Give them the gift of soft skin with this DIY Lavender Lotion recipe from The Natural Deets Family that uses skin nourishing ingredients like cocoa butter and shea butter.





hot chocolate lotion bar recipe

13. Hot Chocolate Lotion Bars 

Did you know that lotions come in bar forms? This hot chocolate lotion bars recipe featuring ingredients like bees wax, cocoa butter, & vitamin E oil from Karla is a fun gift to make for your chocolate-loving recipient this season that she can tote along anywhere without worrying about messy spills.




Oils are another great option to give as gifts because they are easy accessibly and fairly inexpensive to buy. You can customize them to anyone’s preferred scents using their favorite essential oils and a carrier oil, like coconut oil.

DIY homemade cuticle oil recipe with essential oils

14. Cuticle Oil Recipe 

Speaking of toteable gifts, Karla also has this nifty cuticle oil recipe that will help to strengthen your nails and keep your cuticles nice and tidy. Best of all, you can easily find all of these ingredients to make this at your local supermarket or even via Amazon.




woodsy beard oil recipe with essential oils

15. Woodsy Beard Oil Recipe 

Here’s one more from Karla just for the guys on your gift list. To keep that beard looking nice and snazzy, try your hand at making this woodsy beard oil recipe. This is one that I’ll be referring back to for my own hubby as well because this girl loves bearded man! 😉



Jewelry & Accessories:

For the youngsters on your gift list, here are a couple neat and easy diy jewelry and accessory ideas that is sure to make them light up with joy.


Diffuser Bracelet Craft - Lava Stone Diffuser Bracelet - a Kids Diffuser Bracelet - ThatKidsCraftSite.com

16. Diffuser Bracelet Craft 

Here’s a cute & quirky gift idea for the little ones as well as for the tweens on your gift list. This diffuser bracelet craft from Brandi is not only cute to look at but it smells great too! Use their favorite scents of essential oil to help calm them down, help them to focus, or even to brighten up their mood.





17. DIY Baby Flower Headbands 

For the littlest recipients on your gift list this year, here is an adorable DIY baby flower headbands tutorial from Christina that is sure to garner up all of the awws and oohs from the crowd. With just a few knick-knacks from your craft stash, you can make your very own versions and gift them away with love.



Food & Drinks:

Food gifts are an easy favorite for folks who love consumable gifts. It is also easy on your wallet and your peace of mind when you don’t know what to give someone who has everything. It is a great choice for givers and receivers alike, especially for the foodies.


Habanero Hot Sauce Recipe by @BlenderBabes

18. Dairy-Free Habanero Hot Sauce 

For those with an adventurous palette, handle with care. Here is a dairy-free habanero hot sauce recipe from Tarashaun that is sure to blow their minds! Caution: this recipe is not for the faint of heart so please be sure that your recipient is an aficionado of all things spicy before you decide to gift this to them.





Hot Nicky Fermented Hot Sauce from Heal Your Gut Cookbook made in a Vitamix or Blendtec blender via @BlenderBabes

19. Hot Nicky Fermented Hot Sauce 

Here is another hot one from Tarashaun that is going to knock their socks off too! This nutritious & gut-healing hot Nicky fermented hot sauce recipe is named by the authors of The Heal Your Gut cookbook.





Every year my mom has made it a tradition to create Candy Pretzel Sticks that Rock as Gifts! I'm showing them off to you because you have to get a sneak peek at how easy it is to make them and where to get the fancy boxes!  #whiteelephant #workparty #unique #foodporn

20. Candy Pretzel Sticks

For the sweet tooth recipients on your gift list, these candy pretzel sticks are a delicious idea to satisfy their cravings. Check out Cassie’s tutorial on how to make some as an affordable gift or for your stocking stuffers.






21. Sriracha Salt 

Calling all sriracha fans everywhere! Here is another way for you to enjoy that unique hotness that you all know that is sriracha. Valerie’s sriracha salt recipe allows you to enjoy that familiar taste in a whole new texture in that of gourmet salt!



how to make a sharpie mug with oil based Sharpies

22. Sharpie Mugs & Hot Chocolate 

For the chocolate lovers on your gift list or it can be given as gifts for teachers, neighbors, coworkers, and anyone in between really. This sharpie mugs & homemade hot chocolate mix tutorial from Janice & Olivia is a thoughtful albeit frugal gift idea for you to make & give.





Cupcake Jar Gift Idea / by Busy Mom's Helper for 5MinutesForMom.com #gifts #cupcakejar #craft

23. DIY Cupcake Jar 

This DIY cupcake jar tutorial from guest blogger Danielle of www.busymomshelper.com is another great treat to give just about any chocolate lover on your list. Customize it however you’d like using materials from your craft stash as well as a mason jar to make it look like a delectable cupcake no one can refuse.





5 Reasons Why Homemade Taco Seasoning is a Terrific Last Minute Gift Idea. Get the Homemade Taco Seasoning recipe at This Mama Cooks! On a Diet

24. Homemade Taco Seasoning 

What a treat for foodies everywhere! This Homemade Taco Seasoning from Anne-Marie is not only gluten-free but allergy friendly too!



Crafts & Decor:

If you have an eye for all things crafts and decor and everyone is always asking for your advice about home decor, this section is right up your alley. When you enjoy creating things with your hands, it makes things so much easier to give because it is a labor of love that comes from you. Here are a few craft and decor ideas for you to make and give away as gifts to your lucky recipients.



Everyone loves to come home to a fresh-smelling home that they can call their own. Give them a gift that they can enjoy coming home to each day with room sprays.

essential oil diy fall room sprays

25. DIY Fall Room Spray 

And to each, their own: Valerie has 12 different kinds of room spray ideas for you to try your hand at making. You can customize and personalize each scent for a different person on your gift list to ensure that they’ll enjoy a scent that’s perfect for them.



I think handmade gifts are some of the best gifts for both the giver and the receiver.

I love making them and I also love to give them out as gifts as well.

If I put in my time and my effort to make them, it means that I love and respect the person I am giving it to.

Likewise, I appreciate receiving handmade gifts, especially home decor because it makes me think of the person who made it especially for me. 🙂


#ad Looking for a sparkling DIY? Check out these glitter wine glasses -- with an added sparkling juice -- from www.abrideonabudget.com. #dollartree

26. DIY Glitter Wine Glasses 

These DIY Glitter Wine Glasses tutorial from Lisa are beautiful to look at as well as to use for your favorite beverage. You don’t need any wine or be in a wedding to enjoy having one of these wine glasses, just a great imagination and a zest for life on a shoestring budget.





27. Easy Kid Crafted Dish 

Want an adorable gift idea that is kid-friendly to make for the grandparents? These easy kid-crafted dish towels from Stephanie is sure to be a memorable favorite of any grandma and grandpa out there.





Washi Tape Kitchen Utensils

28. Washi Tape Kitchen Utensils 

Want some utensils to go along with your adorable dish towels? These washi tape kitchen utensils from Robin will make the perfect accompaniment to your foodie-themed gift basket that any aspiring chef will appreciate.





Stack of marble coasters made from hexagon tiles stacked up a wrapped with red and white baker's twine

29. Marble Coasters

For those who are into home improvement and DIY projects, these marble coasters from Chelsea are a great idea to use up leftover tiles that you might have from your recent room makeover project. Not only is it a high-quality piece, it won’t cost you anything extra to make.





DIY craft glass etching

30. DIY Craft Glass Etching 

This DIY Craft Glass Etching Project from Robert of J Family Crafters is the perfect and fun craft idea to give as a gift for someone’s housewarming or man cave bar accessories. You can customize it according to the theme of their home or space and wow them with your creativity.





Learn how to etch glass for beautiful gifts and home decor projects. Find out how your Cricut to create stencils for glass etching. #cricutmade #cricutprojects #cricutexplore #cricut

31. Glass Etching 

Here is another beautiful glass etching home decor idea from Jamela of by-pink.com using her Cricut machine to make the stencils.





How to make DIY leather bookmarks for easy handmade Christmas gifts

32. Easy Handmade DIY Leather Bookmarks 

Got any book lovers on your gift list this year? Here is an easy homemade DIY leather bookmarks tutorial from Chelsea that you can make as stocking stuffers that you know will use and appreciate through the many pages.






These DIY leather ornaments fit right in with the modern farmhouse home decor style and are such a great budget-friendly Christmas craft! This easy to follow tutorial will walk you through how to make this leather ornament that looks like a mini Christmas tree with wood beads.

33. DIY Leather Ornament with Wood Beads 

Here’s another cute idea from Chelsea. This beautifully handcrafted DIY leather ornament with wood beads will be thoroughly enjoyed by all as a gorgeous addition to anyone’s Christmas tree this holiday season.






key holder mounted on the wall

34. Wall Mounted Key Holder 

If you’ve got a Cricut, put it to good use. This wall mounted key holder from Jamela of colormecrafty.net boasts form and function that is perfect for anyone who is a fan of the popular modern farmhouse theme.





reverse canvas sign hanging on the wall with teal and navy lettering

35. Reverse Canvas Tutorial 

Here is another Cricut creation project from Jamela for those with a witty sense of humor. Hang this on your kitchen wall and give your guests something to chuckle over a cup of coffee.







36. DIY Succulent

For those with green thumbs and maybe some of those with brown thumbs too. If you love succulents as much as I do, then you’ll love this diy succulent idea from Holly of pinkfortitude.com.





Top down few of an assembled rock painting kit

37. DIY Rock Painting Kit 

This DIY Rock Painting Kit is a fantastic idea for the creative recipient on your gift list. Not only is it frugal-friendly for you but it is also a smart idea that encourages them to use their talents in the most fulfilling way.





orange and cloves

38. How To Make An Orange Clove Pommander 

Riegel has a very detailed tutorial on how to make this simple yet elegant orange pomander that anyone can enjoy. It is easy to make, cost-effective, and has a pleasing citrus clove scent that will lasts for weeks.





sewing fabric.jpg

39. The Easiest Pocket Pack Tissue Holder 

This is a handy and thoughtful gift idea or stocking stuffer as colds and flu season are upon us. This pocket pack tissue holder from Julie is not only cute to tote around as an accessory piece in your bag but also very useful for keeping your tissues nice and neat for when you need to do an ah choo!





Christmas Tree Scent Wax Melts - ThatKidsCraftSite.com

40. Christmas Tree Scent 

For those of us who love to be reminded of the holidays all year round, this Christmas tree scent wax melts tutorial from Brandi will make your olfactory rejoice in harmony with its peppermint and pine scent. These are a great alternative to giving out candles as gifts for anyone to enjoy.



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