Roundup: 25 DIY Halloween Wreath Ideas To Celebrate Halloween

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A collection of 25 of the spookiest Halloween Wreaths from around the web
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Roundup: 25 DIY Halloween Wreath Ideas To Celebrate Halloween


    I can’t quite put my finger on what it is about Halloween that makes it one of our family’s favorite holidays. 

Could it be the costumes? Maybe it’s the over-the-top makeup? 

Or even the ridiculous decor that seems to get everyone in the mood to just let loose a little and forget about the stress of your daily grind. 

Mmm, I can already imagine that sweet smell & taste of pumpkin spice. 

How about you? 🙂


    One of my favorite ways to celebrate Halloween each year with my family is to make a DIY Halloween wreath for our front door to get everyone excited about the change in seasons and cooler weather ahead.

What’s more gratifying for me is when it’s a frugal project that anyone can recreate with just a few knick-knacks that we can find scattered around the house and repurpose into something beautiful to enjoy. 

Here are 18 spooky yet sweet DIY Halloween Wreath Ideas from all across the web that is sure to give you a cold chill down your spine. 

Enjoy my pretties! 🙂


DIY Halloween Ornament Wreath | Where The Smiles Have Been #Halloween #ornaments #wreath #spider

  1. Halloween Ornament Wreath

If you’ve got extra ornaments at home that you are thinking about repurposing, give this Halloween Ornament from Christine a try. She’s got a great tip on how to do this using only 1/2 of a styrofoam wreath form so that you can reuse the other 1/2 to make another wreath. That’s genius and frugal to boot!



black lace Halloween wreath on door

2. Easy Black Lace Halloween Wreath

Are you looking for an understated, simple, yet elegant Easy Black Lace Halloween Wreath to make for your home? Check out, Lisa’s tutorial on how to create this using just ribbon, lace, and pre-made craft spiders.



Halloween trick or treat ideas - how to make a candy wreath

3. DIY Halloween Candy Wreath

This sweet and simple Halloween Candy Wreath from Deanna is a real winner, IMHO. You’ll be killing 2 birds with one stone when the kiddos come knocking on your door because you can stay inside without physically passing out treats and your door looks spectacular too! Who does not like that?! 🙂


sugar skull wreath tutorial

4. Calavera Sugar Skull Wreath

Doesn’t this make you wanna do the cha-cha? Celebrate Dia De Los Muertos (Day of the Dead, a traditional Mexican holiday to honor the lives of beloved ancestors) in style with this gorgeous Calavera Sugar Skull Wreath brought to you by, Niki.



#Halloween #Spider Wreath

5. Halloween Spider Wreath 

If you have school-aged kiddos at home, this is a cute and kid-friendly project for them to attempt without the worry of any huge mess to clean up. Check out this adorable Halloween Spider Wreath from Alecia over at Chicken Scratch NY.



Upcycle an old snow fence into a sweet Halloween Wreath

6. Witch Hat Halloween Wreath 

Another cool creation from Alecia, over at Chicken Scratch NY, is this neat and outside-of-the-box Witch Hat Halloween Wreath that repurposes old wooden slats from her fence. Just an excellent example to show that you do not need all the expensive, fancy, bells and whistles to achieve a unique and one of a kind festive look! 🙂



black grapevine wreath with bleeding white flowers and a grey bow on a white wooden background

7. Bleeding Flower Wreath 

Alecia is just knocking it out of the park on this roundup post with not 1 but 3 Halloween wreath inspirations for your viewing pleasure! Check out her tutorial for how to make this spooky bleeding flower wreath.



Crow's Nest DIY Halloween wreath on front door

8. Crows Nest DIY Halloween Wreath 

To achieve this simply chic and beautifully rustic yet creepy look, check out Wanda’s tutorial on how to recreate this Crows Nest DIY Halloween Wreath for your front door.


Make this adorable and easy 10-minute Monster Wreath with the kids. Whether it's for Halloween or for a monster theme learn and play, it's so much fun for kids! #monster #monstertheme #monsterparty #wreath #halloween #rufflesandrainboots

9. Easy Monster Wreath

Want a fun take on a Halloween themed wreath that’s not too scary for your little kiddos? Check out how Sarah made this cute and easy monster wreath.



Freddy Krueger Halloween Wreath - Movie Monday Challenge - Our Crafty Mom

10. Freddy Krueger Halloween Wreath Movie Monday Challenge

If you’re a fan of the movie, A Nightmare on Elm Street, you’ll love Michelle’s creation of the Freddy Krueger Halloween Wreath. This is one that will be appreciated by the older kids or the kids at heart crowd for sure.



Halloween Bandana Wreath for your front door

11. Bandana Halloween Wreath

If you’ve got a few black and orange bandanas just lying around the house somewhere that you can repurpose into a cool craft project (like a wreath), be sure to check out this Bandana Halloween Wreath tutorial from Jenny.



Easy and Fun Monster Wreath DIY by Press Print Party!

12. Easy And Fun Monster Wreath DIY

Here’s another fun one for your little ones who aren’t ready to be scared out of their wits just yet. This sweet and colorful Monster Wreath is brought to you by Nathalie.



Creepy Crows and Bones Halloween Wreath | The TipToe Fairy #halloweendecorations #halloween #wreathtutorial #halloweentutorial

13. Creepy Crows Bones Halloween Wreath

Stephanie’s got a whole slew of these over on her site featuring lots of cool Halloween wreath ideas just like this creepy crows bones Halloween wreath. Check them out for more scary front door inspirations!




14. Spooky Halloween Spider Web Wreath 

Check out this creepy number also from Stephanie. Grab your white tulle and stuffing material and prepare to amaze your friends and family with this spooky Halloween spider web wreath.




Finished Burlap White Pumpkin Ghost Wreath on a red door.

15. Mini White Pumpkins Ghost Burlap Wreath 

Here is another gorgeously ghoulish wreath from the lovely Stephanie. This mini white pumpkins ghost burlap wreath is too cute for just Halloween. I would like to display it for Thanksgiving too!




16. Halloween Skeleton Wreath

Here’s a lovely vintage designer-inspired Halloween Skeleton Wreath from Cassondra & Arthur, that is sure to be the object of anyone’s envy in your neighborhood!




Today we will be hanging out with Mr. Boo. Follow along for a quick and easy tutorial for this Halloween wreath DIY.

17. Mr. Boo’s Blinged Out Halloween Wreath 

I love how Holly infuses humor into her Mr. Boo’s Blinged Out Halloween Wreath tutorial. Yes, Holly, I’m sure Mr. Boo was once a handsome guy when he was alive too, great job! 🙂





18. Easy Clothes Pin Halloween Wreath

If you’ve got more clothespins at home than you know what to do with, here’s a great tutorial for how to make this easy clothespin Halloween Wreath from Stefanie that is sure to put it to great use. You can always repurpose it for another project later on too!




Add a little bit of Halloween flair to your front door with this easy-to-make

19. Eyeball Halloween Wreath

Jaclyn gives us a great reminder that you do not need to spend a lot to recreate something awesome, like this eyeball Halloween wreath. It fits the bill perfectly!




Halloween Glam Spider Wreath | The TipToe Fairy #halloweenglam #halloween #halloweendecor #halloweendecorations #wreathtutorial

20. Halloween Glam Spider Wreath

This fancy Halloween Glam Spider Wreath gets brownie points for bringing that extra oomph with the scare as well as the glam factor. I love the mix of neon green paired with the black and purple textures from the feather boas she uses.



How to make a yarn wrapped Halloween wreath.

21. Easy Yarn Wrapped Halloween Monster Wreath 

This cute little number from, Jennifer is perfect for your little ones to enjoy. It reminds me of the characters from the Monsters Inc. movie, it’s sooo cute! 🙂




Dollar Tree Halloween Harry Potter Wreath

22. Dollar Tree DIY Harry Potter Wreath 

Calling all Harry Potter fans! Come check out this amazing Dollar Tree DIY Harry Potter Wreath from Michelle and tell her that you too are “up to no good!” 😉




BOO! Yarn Wrapped Letters Halloween Decoration

23. Yarn Wrapped Letters Crafty October

For fans of crochet crafts, here’s a simple tutorial from Michelle on how to create these beautiful yarn wrapped letters. You can hang them pretty much anywhere inside your home for Halloween!




DIY Halloween Wreath

24. How To Make A Tissue Paper Halloween Wreath 

Can you believe this beautiful wreath only cost $3! Check out how to make this tissue paper Halloween wreath from Rocky Mountain Bliss.




Easy Nightmare Before Christmas Wreath - how to make a paper halloween wreath Jack Skellington style. Easy Jack Skellington Craft for Halloween #halloween #nightmarebeforechristmas #wreath #paper

25. Nightmare Before Christmas Wreath 

If you’re a fan of the movie, The Nightmare Before Christmas, you’re going to want to check out this tutorial from Maggy over at RedTedArt. She is chock full of fun ideas and activities for kids to enjoy!


Do you love Halloween as much as I do?

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A collection of 25 of the spookiest Halloween Wreaths from around the web

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