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My Review of Brandless
Love high-quality products but don’t like the high price tag or pretentious brands? Give brandless a try!
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Disclaimer: This post contains affiliate links, all opinions about the products that I have purchased and my experiences are 100% my own. When you click through and make a qualifying purchase, I may earn a commission at no additional cost to you. As always, thank you for your support! ?


What is Brandless?

Developed in July of 2017, Brandless is a company that strives to offer its customers

high-quality grocery, beauty, and household goods at a fair price without the hype and

frills of brand names.


Thus the name, Brandless.


They even state it in their company mission: “Better stuff, fewer dollars. It’s that simple.”


How does work?

  • Brandless is an altruistic company that prides itself on being affordable and accessible to the masses.


  • They are sticklers when it comes to quality.


  • They hand-select and test out over 350 products worldwide to make sure they are selling high-quality products to their consumers.


  • They keep the labeling process simple and easy to read with an emphasis on safety and sustainability catering to people’s varying needs anywhere between Gluten-Free to Cruelty-Free products.


  • Unlike most companies, Brandless does have any extra markups to pass on to its consumers because their products are shipped directly from their company to their customers.


  • This means that there is no need for any middleman, thus saving you and me some much-needed cash money!


  • They have a dedicated and engaging staff who interacts regularly with customers one on one for feedback and continual improvements on their company core values as well as their products.


  • Every time you order something from brandless, they donate a meal to Feeding America.


  • To combat hunger, they have donated over 3 million meals to date.


My Experience Ordering Through

I had first seen Brandless, scrolling through my Groupon feed.

Since I am an avid fan and user of Groupon for its fun and economical choice of products

and services, I thought I’d go ahead and give brandless a try.


I was excited to see that they offered a $40 voucher worth of products for only $20!


Afterward, I did a quick google search to see if there were any additional promo codes

that I can use on my first order.


I was ecstatic to find that indeed, there was a $6 promo code available for first-time

orders available too.


I also have an account with Swagbucks that offered 6% extra swag points for clicking

through and making a purchase.


Like Groupon, I also use Swagbucks regularly to help me accumulate swag points so that

I can earn free gift cards even quicker.


This makes the frugalista in me sing with pride as I showed my husband all of the

products that I wanted to buy simply by stacking my Groupon voucher for brandless,

clicking through to Groupon via my Swagbucks account, and stacking a $6 promo code

on top of that!

Here is what I ordered:


As you can see from the pictures above, I ordered 19 items for a total cost of $23.50,

which makes the cost of each item $1.24 per item. 


I later discovered that I cannot stack on the $6 coupon as I have already use the higher

value saving $20 off $40 purchase, voucher that I redeemed from Groupon.


Even so, I still this was a very worthwhile purchase and I will be making more purchases

in the very near future.


Afterall, I still have a $6 coupon burning a hole in my pocket! 😉



  1. Affordable products
  2. Sustainable products
  3. High-quality products for a great value
  4. Your purchase also helps feed someone else who is in need.
  5. Good variety of products being offered
  6. Makes great gifts or stocking stuffers for the holidays



  1. Cannot stack my $6 coupon with my Groupon voucher all at once.
  2. I had to use it during my 2nd purchase.
  3. Some of the more popular products were often sold out or not in stock fast enough
  4. Every time I see a $40  voucher for $20 Brandless purchase on Groupon, it is often sold out because people just love it so much!


In summary:

So, although initially that may seem like a lot of  jumping over hoops just to save money, I

can safely reassure you that it is always worth the extra 5 seconds to do so because you

are essentially earning free money just for clicking a couple extra times on your mouse

shopping online as you normally would anyway.


Just think of all the money that you are leaving on the table had you have known to

make just a couple more mouse clicks of a button!


It really does pays to know!


A special discount code for you:

Want to save $6 on your first order with

Click on my referral link here to save $6 off of your first order with Brandless.

Note: You may be able to use the $20 off of $40 or more voucher that they offer sometimes via Groupon. That is a better deal when it’s available.

But I have found that they often sell out of those vouchers quickly, so the $6 off coupon would be your next best option.

For more frugal ways to shop, check out this post.

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