More Than 40+ Easy Side Hustle Ideas You Can Do Right Now To Earn Quick Cash

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Need cash now? Read below to pick up a side gig today!
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More Than 40+ Easy Side Hustle Ideas You Can Do Right Now To Earn Quick Cash

Since January is a month for many of us to make goals and think about planning out the rest of our year, I think this topic would be fitting for those of us who are looking to improve our financial outcome this year by looking at side hustle ideas to earn you quick cash.

Of course there are several other things that you can do such as cutting out unnecessary expenses (I’m looking at you cable), planning out your weekly meals (that’s a no go on those double arches drive-thrus), and looking for alternatives to your spending habits (like those daily trips to grab a Starbucks Venti Mocha Latte) amongst other simple ways to save more money.

But there are also some not so simple things that must also happen in conjunction to saving money, such as cutting your debt and also growing your income.

All of these 3 elements have to all come together harmoniously for you in order to improve your finances this year.

As you continue to find and bring in more income this year, you will then be using that money to pay down your debt, check and check.

So now that you’ve reduced your spending and paid down some debt, you can now have a general plan in place to help you with the last step, which is making more money quickly so that you can climb out of our financial hole and save more moolah to do the things you actually want to do.

If you are thinking about starting a side hustle to earn some quick cash this year, here’s a big handy list of 40+ side hustle ideas for you to consider applying for this month.

Online Side Hustles:

  1. Become a part-time babysitter for care.com

2. Like babysitting but for animals, rover.com

3. Become a part-time driver for uber.com or lyft.com

4. Like shopping? Get paid to pick up groceries for others with shipt.com or InstaCart.com

5. Want to join in on the Amazon bandwagon? Try Amazon Delivery, Mturk, or Merch

6. Don’t mind delivering pizzas in the evenings, try GrubHub.com or doordash.com

7. Like delivering pizzas but with flowers, gifts, and candy instead, try 1800Flowers.com

8. Like helping others with small tasks? Get paid for it with TaskRabbit.com

9. Answer phones, emails, & chat as Customer Service Rep, try kellyconnect.com

10. Are you handy with tools? Try a gig as a Handyman on Angi’s List

11. Are you know as The Homework Guru? Try a gig with Tutor.com or yup.com

12. Are you good with numbers and have a bachelor degree? Try a gig as a bookkeeper, accountant with accountingdepartment.com

13. Do you love hosting guest, rent out your spare bedroom as an AirBNB host

14. Just like #20 but you rent out your car with Turo.com

15. Do you love to cook & enjoy the company of others apply as a host for eatwith.com

16. Are you handy with a sewing machine, love hemming pants, and sewing on buttons, put an ad in your local paper and pick up a gig as an Alterationist

17. Do you love numbers, got a bachelor degree too? Become a tax preparer for intuit.com

18. Do you love making crafts? Why not open a shop on Etsy.com and sell your creations for a profit.

19. Review websites for usertesting.com

20. Take online surveys, watch movies, browse the internet, and scan your groceries for NCP.com (National Consumer Panel) a reputable market research company

21. Get paid for taking surveys online with Harris Poll, Pinecone Research, Opinion Outpost

22. Review products in exchange for free samples with pinchme.com

23. Take surveys, play games, answer polls, and do searches for swagbucks.com, InboxDollars.com

24. Score state proficiency exams for grades K-12 online for measurementinc.com, ETS.org 

25. Scan your groceries and local and national receipts for rebates with ibotta.com, fetch app, Check 51, Ebates.com, BerryCart

26. If you love e-commerce, you can sell both digital & physical products on Shopify.com

27. Sell cosmetics online or in person with MaryKay.com, Avon.com.

28. Start your own blog by using siteground.com for your hosting.

29. Become a VA (virtual assistant) with Fancy Hands or Belay

30. Play video games online & get paid for it with gametime.com

31. Tutor kids in China with VIP kids, QKids, 51Talk

32. Answer inbound calls and take orders for pizza delivery for Pizza Hut

33. Become a transcriptionist, by typing up or reading court transcripts Transcribe Anywhere

34. Become a Proofreader, edit & proofreader legal documents, college term papers, business proposals, etc. with ProofRead Anywhere

35. Become a customer service rep for 2U, Hilton, American Express, Sutherland, Enterprise Rent-A-Car

36. Assist the blind remotely with Aira.com

Local Side Hustles:

1. Become a Property Manager for an apartment complex in your community

2. Check out your local restaurants for a job as a waitress

3. Look at your local college job board for a gig as a Camp Counselor/Swim Instructor or even a Coach

4. Like the outdoors? Try a seasonal gig as a Landscaper or Plow Truck Driver

5. Can’t get enough sun or water or any of the elements really? Try a gig as an Amusement Park Worker

6. Look in your own neighborhood to become a Car Wash Attendant

7. Are you known for being dependable and trustworthy in your neighborhood? Try a gig as a House Sitter & babysit your neighbor’s house plants too, check out nextdoor.com

There you have it, a big list of more than 40 side hustle jobs to consider and apply for if you want to make quick cash this year.

Pay down your debt, save up your money, and make more money this year by picking up a side hustle or two in your spare time, even if you want to work from home.

Let’s go out there and get it done!

You got this!

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