How To Organize Your Home Office Like A Boss!

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home office with double corner desks and 2 chairs

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How To Organize Your Home Office Like A Boss!

Whether you work at home or not, most of you have a designated area in your home that you use as an office or a craft room.

Although it is currently undergoing some major renovation, I use mine as both an office and a craft room.

If you are anything like me, you can rest assured that it’s a pretty hot mess in there right now. ;P

So let’s dive right in and organize that home office of you’s like a boss, shall we?

But first, do you really need want it?

Before we begin digging through your mystery cave of wonder aka your home office, let’s make sure that we only keep the items that you really want.

In other words, let’s get rid of it. Purge Purge Purge!

Let me guess, you probably have; odds and ends of office supplies you think are ugly but still useful so you keep them around just in case anyone ever needed them.


There are piles and piles of “important” documents you’ve got lying around because again, just in case you get audited, you can still pull up your tax returns from 1998.


You just can’t bear to part with that silly brown chair your husband bought you from the flea market for $10 (even though it reeks of smoke worse than that of an old chimney) all because he wanted to surprise you with something thrifty and useful.  


Hello Desk, Goodbye Junk!

Oh, wait just a hot minute!

Is that a desk I see hiding under that mountainous pile of paper?

Well, hello there gorgeous! It’s nice to meet you!

Let’s see each other more often, shall we? 🙂

How about a nice wipe down? And while we are at it, let’s do the same to all of our surrounding surfaces too.

Only The Necessities:

Now that we can see what we have to work with, let’s make a list of things to replace.

  1. a comfy chair (get a good one that you’ll actually enjoy, otherwise you’ll be wasting your hard earned money)

2.  a handful of pens and pencils with erasers that can actually fit in 1 cup

3. papers arranged neatly by size, color, order of importance (however you’d like)

4. If you simply insist on keeping those tax returns from 1998, let’s back that up and save it in a cloud storage of some kind so that you don’t have to deal with the paper clutter.

5. Ample natural light & a well-lit work area (a study lamp, overhead lighting, etc.for when you have to work late into the wee hours)

6. Pair of headphones/earbuds to help you focus on your tasks whenever your kids are around

7. Spray can of air to clean around your computer/laptop/keyboard

In Summary:

There you have it, a designated workspace for you to think and create freely without feeling weighed down and tied to a collection of mess.

Just follow these 7 steps above to get your office or craft room whipped into shape in no time!

As long as you remember to purge often and keep it simple with only the things that you truly want, you will have a well-organized home office that’s fit for a boss like you! 😉

home office with double corner desks and 2 chairs

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