How To Maximize The Space In Your Home & Make It Functional

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Make the odd space in your home functional with these 10 tips.
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How To Maximize The Space In Your Home & Make It Functional


As part of our 10 Week Spring Cleaning Challenge this week, we are coming up with ways to create a more functional space in our homes.

Whether you are looking to maximize space for a bonus room, entertainment area, or even just extra storage for your stuff, you will find some useful tips below to do just that.

But before we tackle that, let’s make sure we clear the clutter and reclaim that space for something we actually want to keep so that it can be both beautiful and functional for you.

Step 1– Make a wish list:

After you’ve decluttered and removed the unnecessary items, make a wish list of what you want to do within that particular space in your home.



Step 2– Consult the wise wizards of Pinterest:

Look at Pinterest for ideas & inspiration on creating functional storage areas & save those pins to help you bring your vision to life


Step 3- Map out & Create Zones:

  • Using graph paper with grid lines, make a rough sketch of the layout of your space and label where your furniture, storage pieces, and contents will go inside of each area in your drawing.
  • The purpose of doing this is to give you a physical visualization of placement so that you can easily execute according to what you have already planned out on paper thus eliminating confusion and wasting time with indecision.


Step 4- Create a budget to keep you from overspending:

  • Nothing puts on a damper on a project quite like going way overboard on your budget and throwing your bank account way out of wack in the process. 
  • This can be avoided by planning ahead and creating a sinking fund to start saving for your space remodeling project.
  • You can also download a FREE DIY Project Planning Check List to help you stay within your budget too, just scroll to the bottom to get your copy.


Step 5- Recycle Reduce Reuse

  • This is my favorite because it is free!
  • Re-purpose the items that you already have to save yourself some money
  • Example: That chair that you thought looked great in your bedroom now seems clunky and out of place.
  • Why not bring it into your new space and give it a whole new purpose with a throw pillow and a cozy quilt draped over top for an inviting feel?



Step 6- Think outside the box, literally and figuratively.

Example: A side table can have a multi-functional purpose because it can be used as a storage basket and a stool hence saving you space and money!



Step 7– No doors? No Problem

Create some privacy with curtains, movable room dividers, or just use 2 tall shelves and face them opposite of one another and then anchor them into the floor or the ceiling for safe measure.



Step 8- Go Neutral:

  • Keep a neutral palette for furnishings so that you can easily swap them out and interchange them in any room for a more cohesive look that ties it all together.
  • Just accessorize with various colors of artwork, pillows, blankets, and plants which costs way less than your furnishings.



Step 9- Invest in double-duty items

Hosting overnight guests often? A futon couch that folds out into a bed is the perfect solution for that.


Step 10- Check places like Ikea for affordable storage pieces that won’t break the bank.

However, if you’re still low on funds, be sure to check out the “Free” section in your local CraigsList ad, FB Marketplace, & also freecycle.org.


To Recap:

Step 1: Make a wish list

Step 2: Consult the Pinterest Wizards

Step 3: Map Out your zones

Step 4: Create a budget

Step 5: Recycle Reduce Reuse

Step 6: Think outside the box

Step 7: No doors? No problem

Step 8: Go Neutral

Step 9: Invest in double-duty items

Step 10: Buy affordable furnishings


Yaaas! You’ve just created more space!

Here’s to more breathing room!


Make the odd space in your home functional with these 10 tips.

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