How To Make Xmas Slime Party Favors With Free Printable Stickers:

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Merry Xmas Slime Party Favor Cup
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How To Make Xmas Slime Party Favors with free printable stickers:


Kids love slime

There’s no ands, ifs, or buts about it, kids love slime. Don’t believe me? Put some slime in front of your kids, like these Xmas Slime Party Favors, and tell them not to touch it. Resistance is as they say, pretty much, futile. Try as they may, they just can’t help it. Like bugs to a light source, they just won’t be able to stay away. So let them indulge in it for a few hours, while you sneak off and actually get some stuff done.


I have to admit that although it may be messy, letting my kids play with slime is much better than letting them play on their devices or sit in front of the TV for hours on end. You can preface it by saying you’ll let them make slime. But only, if they help clean up their messes afterward. How enticing would that slime making be to a kid now that you put it that way? Making messes sure sounds better than screen time when you put it in that context!

Here’s how you can make a big batch of Xmas slime party favors to pass out for your kids’ class parties this holiday season.



1-gallon washable school glue clear or white ($2.39 @ Office Max)

Red food coloring (on hand)

Green food coloring (on hand)

Multi-purpose Eye & Contact solution w/active ingredient of Borax (on hand)

Baking Soda (on hand)

Red, green, silver, gold Glitter (on hand)

Styrofoam “snow” Confetti ($1.07 @ Dollar Tree)

1 oz. sauce container cups with lids from Dollar Tree (2-3 packages 10 pk.)

Large mixing bowl

Plastic spoons for mixing

Large cardboard box to hold all of the slime favors

Round Sticker paper (2.5” round perforated sticker paper like an Avery Brand)



1- Note: Although we followed this recipe for making our slime with glue, we did not have the exact ingredients on hand. So we improvised and worked with what we have and pretty much eyeballed the measurements for the ingredients.


2-Gather up your supplies, In a large mixing bowl, pour in the glue and fill it up to about one-third of the bowl. ( Just eyeball it.)


3-Choose your favorite color of food coloring and give it a couple squirts inside the bowl.


4- Mix it up really well until the color has been incorporated into the glue.


5- Now add the contact solution and mix it up well.


6- Slowly start folding in the baking soda,  about a teaspoon at a time, while mixing it into the solution,  inside of your bowl.


7- Continue to stir until your liquid mixture becomes thicker and forms into a slime consistency.


8- Now you can start adding in the fun stuff, like the confetti, the glitter, the foam pieces,  pom-pom balls, and maybe a small toy, as a surprise.


9- You can also package them up into individual small cups with a lid to pass out to your class or keep them inside an airtight container or plastic baggie to enjoy.


10- Be sure to print these cute Xmas Slime Stickers for free (inside of my Resource Library below) to attach onto your individual cups to pass out as treats for your class. I had these 2.5” Round Labels on hand, so it was a breeze to whip out for classroom treats/favors.


11- Feel free to experiment with different colors textures and packaging ideas,  see below for more info.


More Slime Recipes To Try At Home With Your Kids:

Here are some other slime recipes that you might like depending on the ingredients you have on hand from home:

1-This slime recipe uses shaving cream.

2-These slime recipes use water.

3- Here is another slime recipe that also uses glue and borax.


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