How To Get Your Kids Back On A School Schedule

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Get your kids back on track with a back to school routine!
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How To Get Your Kids Back On A School Schedule


Class is in Session

School is now back in session.

But your kids’ mind and soul are still on summer vacation.

What’s a mom to do about that?

Get them back on a school schedule, right?

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Get your kids back on track for back to school with these free printable schedules, scroll down to get download them for free!

Oh, no! Say it ain’t so!

Words just cannot begin to describe the level of despair your kids are feeling right about now.

Am I right?

The day before school is the absolute worst for any kid!

A mere mention of school is enough to make their eyeballs roll backward faster than you can say, supercalifragilisticexpialidocious!


Super Mom To The Rescue!

And like the Super Mom you are, you do all of the following, and then some:

  • You set their alarm clocks at 7:30 AM so that they can be ready 1.5 hours before school starts
  • You make them go to bed at 8 pm so that they can get enough rest for the day ahead
  • You fill out all of the necessary forms that they need & print out a copy of their Back to School Schedules and tape it up on the wall of their bedrooms.
  • You run them ragged the day before so that they can soak in their last bit of summer break before school begins
  • They will be so tired from all the running around and playing that they won’t have time to worry about First Day of School jitters because as you know, exercise is just so wonderful for everyone in so many ways!
  • You help them pick out their clothes and pack up their supplies for school the next day.
  • You printed out Back To School signs according to their grade level this school year, hoping to capture the excitement so that this time can just stand still for just a moment longer…


Moms Know Best

Even though you can’t wait for them to just go back to school already and leave you alone so that you can finally be able to get your work done, you know that deep down inside, despite the stoic look you often wear, that you’d just miss them terribly whenever they are not around.

But you just can’t let that cat out of the bag or else they’d never grow up.

So you do your best and take one for the team, yet again, like you always seem to do.

Because let’s be honest, isn’t that what we moms are best at? 😉


You can print out your very own copy of the Back To School Schedule, for each of your kids to tape onto their walls.




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Grab these free Printable Back To School Routines For Your Kiddos!

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