How To Get Your Entryways Clean, Organized, and Guests Ready!

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How To Get Your Entryways Clean, Organized, and Guests Ready!


Expecting guests to arrive soon but your entryway looks like a tornado of clothes & shoes strewn about?


This week we will be tackling our entryways as part of our clean home challenge.


If you imagine that your home’s front yard and curb appeal is your smile, then your entryway is your home’s handshake.

Whenever you are expecting guests to arrive at your home, you would want to put on your best face, best behavior, and best hospitality so that your guests feels welcomed and comfortable to be in your presence.


Here are 6 things to get your entryways clean, organized, and guests ready.

Let’s get right to it, shall we?


1- Declutter:

  • Take everything out of your hall closet, hall tree, hooks, hangers & bins.
  • Let’s get rid of all of those balled up clumps of paper, receipts, business cards, random menus that we carry around in our bags and coats.
  • Come on, you know what I’m talking about.
  • Check your coat pockets and your bags, I’ll wait…


2- Purge:

  • Ah! So you’ve found them! Yep, I knew it, me too!
  • Ok, toss them all! (recycle, reduce, reuse or donate them to GoodWill)
  • Not that you ever needed it, but I just gave you permission to pitch them all out. 🙂
  • Now, doesn’t that make you feel lighter, easier to breathe perhaps?
  • Great! Let’s keep going!


3- Wash:

  • Next, we’re going to wash and dry our seasonal coats, jackets, hats, scarves, mittens, etc. before we put them away for the season.
  • Now will be a good time to check your boots and shoes too.
  • Give them a good wash and brush them off with a medium bristled brush to get rid of the mud and snow from last season.
  • After they are thoroughly dry, sprinkle them baking soda or foot deodorizing powder before you put them away for next fall and winter.


4- Organize:

  • Now I know you’ve got a huge mess on your hands, but don’t worry because that’s what we want.
  • Now we are going to keep the things you truly want and store them nicely in a pretty bin, basket, or box.
  • Brownie points if you are able to find clear containers to store your goodies inside.
  • If not, don’t worry, you can improvise by covering some empty cardboard boxes with your favorite paper or fabric and label them with your favorite sticker.
  • Stack them up with the heaviest items at the bottom and the lightest on top.
  • Similarly, you want to put tall items in the back, where you can easily spot them.
  • Now put the short items in the front where you can easily grab them.


5- Refresh: 

  • I will assume that you are short on time, like I am, otherwise baking a batch of your favorite cookies is a good way to welcome your guests.
  • Everyone loves the smell of freshly baked cookies and a fresh pot of coffee brewing to go along with it.
  • But again, we may be short on time to prep, so let’s grab your favorite candle and light it up.
  • If you do not have a candle ready, try peeling some oranges from the fridge or spray your favorite scent of perfume by the vent or the inside of your drapes.
  • Just a couple spritz every few feet or so will go a long way.
  • Your guests will think you’re always this clean! 😉 haha! shhhh!


6- Relax:

  • One final step left to do and it is the most important
  • And it is to relax and enjoy yourself.
  • People remember how well they are treated.
  • So if you are relaxed and comfortable, so too will be your guests
  • Enjoy!


In Summary:

There you have it!


Want to be the hostess with the mostest and show your guests a time they won’t soon forget?


Then start from within, that is within your own home, of course, and let it radiate outwards and shower your friends and family with love.

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