Decorate A Unicorn Treat Box

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How To Decorate A Unicorn Treat Box
Got an outrageous obsession for unicorns and want to share it with your guests? Try your hand at these unicorn treat boxes!
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How To Decorate A Unicorn Favor Treat Box


For The Love of Unicorns:

I don’t know about you, but I have a daughter who is just obsessed with all things unicorn.

That is why this is this post will be the 2nd of a longer series of Unicorn posts to come.

She loves unicorns so much that she even wanted to be a unicorn for Halloween last year.

So when the holidays came around, guess what she asked for.

Right! You got it! Unicorns!

The girl simply can’t get enough unicorns. And I can’t even blame her, they are simply adorable.

So for her birthday, she asked me to continue with the unicorn theme for her class celebration.

And then, I came up with this cute little unicorn design to decorate her favor treat  boxes and fill them with treats for her class. I think you will enjoy them too.

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Here is what you’ll need to make these.


How to decorate your own unicorn themed favor treat boxes.
Make your own unicorn themed favor treat boxes.


Materials Needed:

  • 8.5″X11″ white sheet of sticker paper, if you want to use these as stickers
  • 8.5″X11″ white sheet of cardstock paper, if you want to use them for labels or gift tags
  • sharp scissors
  • single hole punch
  • 2 dozen treat boxes (any color you like), I ordered these are online on clearance from for $1.77, making them only $0.07 each box! 🙂
  • fill the box with your choice of your favorite treat, candy, or small toy



  1. Get a head count of how many guests beforehand so that you have enough treats to share with everyone.
  2. You can buy these treat boxes anywhere and in any color, but Oriental Trading has the best prices by far, at just $0.07 each favor box.
  3. Print out the template, according to how many you will need
  4. Cut them out with scissors.
  5. Attach each sticker to the front face of each box
  6. If you are using them as gift tags, then use a single hole punch to make a hole right above the unicorn’s horn.
  7. Undo 1 side of a knot from the ribbon handle and attach your gift tag.
  8. Now reattach the ribbon handle and secure the ribbon with a new knot.


Oai la! You are done!

Enjoy your unicorn party!

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