How To Clean Your Entire House in 1 Hour

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How to clean your entire house in 1 hour!
How to clean your entire house in 1 hour!
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How To Clean Your Entire House in 1 Hour


After a grueling week of work, after-school activities, meetings, and doctor appointments, the

last thing you want to do is clean your house.

Oh wait! Let’s not forget, you have company coming over this weekend too!

Even if all you wanted to do was sleep in and catch up on your zzzz’s, your social life is

beckoning you and you realize that your house is in a constant state of disaster.


Far from the picture-perfect host that your guests are expecting to see from you, there’s no way you’re going to have time to get your nest perfectly fluffed up in time before your guests arrive. Or is there?


You’ve done such a great job staying on budget all year long, calling in reinforcements from a

cleaning company to rescue your hurricane haven of a home, would defeat the purpose of

saving your hard-earned cash this year.


What’s a tired overworked girl to do?

Grab a free copy of my Weekly Cleaning Check List to help you knock out your entire house cleaning in just 1 hour.

Scroll down below to download it for yourself.

*In case you may be wondering, here are some of my favorite everyday essentials to keep our home running.


Here’s what YOU CAN DO:

  • Grab a timer, and set it for 10 minutes in each room, once it goes off – you’re done!
  • Put on some fast-paced music, pop and dance will do just fine
  • A cleaning caddy filled with all your cleaning supplies,
  • An extendable detachable dusting rod tool is great for getting those high corners and hard to reach light fixtures
  • And a bucket of water, a swiffer spray mop, or bona floor cleaner.
  • Added Bonus: You won’t even notice that you’re getting a workout! It’s a win-win!

Remember: Go for done, not perfect!



  • I am writing this post with the assumption that most folks live in a home with an average of 3 bedrooms and 1.5 baths under 2000 square feet.
  • If you live in a larger home, be sure to add an extra 10-15 minutes per extra room that you have.
  • Either way, you will be getting a good cardio workout regardless of the size of the home you are about to be cleaning. 


Crank up the music & set the timer for 15 minutes per room, starting now!

Step 1: Start with all your bathrooms (set timer: 10 minutes total for all baths!)

  • Swirl bath cleaner into your tubs, toilets, & sinks
  • Spray inside, outside, floors & surrounding areas with bleach/bath cleaner
  • Let all solutions sit for a few minutes to really soak in & kill the germs
  • Meanwhile, wipe down all light fixtures, mirrors, faucets, & wipe down floors
  • Now come back & scrub the tub, toilet, & sinks last, in each bathroom


Start by cleaning all of the rooms upstairs, next go to the main floor, lastly finish up in the basement.


Step 2: Ceilings & Walls (set time: only 1 minute per room/10 minutes total!)

  • Start at the ceiling from every room & drag the duster to the corners
  • then Down the Walls
  • finally to the baseboards
  • and then down to the floors
  • gathered up in a pile, sweep it up, vacuum & mop it up last


Step 3: Wipe all surfaces from top to bottom. (set timer: only 5 minutes per room!)

  • After you’ve dusted the ceiling and walls wipe all the surfaces with your duster
  • Wipe down all glass surfaces with glass cleaner & paper towel/dustless rag/newspaper
  • Wipe down all wooden surfaces with oil-based cleaner (ie. Pledge)
  • Wipe down all metallic surfaces with alcohol base/all-purpose cleaner


Step 4: Make sure all beds are made (set timer: 10 minutes tops per room!)

    • Delegate these tasks: everyone is responsible for making their own beds & putting away their own clothes
    • If they’ve slept in it, then they can make it themselves
    • If they’ve worn it, then they need to toss it in the laundry hamper to be washed
    • If it’s clean, it needs to be hung in the closet/folded up in their drawers

This saves you time! Yay! 🙂


Step 5: Get the floors (set timer: 10 minutes total!)

  • Gather up all the dust that has fallen from the ceiling, walls, & surfaces.
  • Vacuum all carpeted areas & vacuum yourself out of each room.
  • Don’t forget the bath rugs! (Remember done not deep, for now!)
  • Vacuum down the hallway and down the stairs from the top floor, to the main floor
  • Vacuum the front and back door mats while you’re at it


Step 6: Repeat Steps 1-5 for the main floor & the basement (set the timer: 20 minutes each floor!)



Step 7: The kitchen is your main hub, it’s where everyone congregates

  • Be sure clean your kitchen last
  • Make sure the sink is clean & cleared of any dishes (hide them in the dishwasher & start a load if necessary)
  • Wipe & dry your sink to make sure it sparkles
  • Wipe down your surfaces like stove, oven, fridge, & table with an all-purpose cleaner
  • Now, burn a candle and wait for your guest to arrive, enjoy!


To Recap:

That’s 20 minutes upstairs + 20 minutes on the main floor + 20 minutes in the basement for a total of 1 hour!

Girl, you are awesome! 

Did you even realize that you just did a full-body workout while cleaning your entire house in 1 hour?!

Crack open a bottle of champagne, lady, because you deserve it! 😉

As promised, here is a copy of your free printable Weekly Cleaning Check List.



Clean Like A Mother In Just 1 Hour!

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