Free Printable First Day of School Signs 2019-2020

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Grab these Free Printable 2019-2020 First Day of School Signs!
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Free Printable First Day of School Signs 2019-2020

Blast Off! It’s Back To School Time!

Does it seem like the days are getting shorter and shorter, or is it just me? 

Boy oh boy, did the summer just fly by.

I don’t know about you, but my kiddos are heading back to school this week and we are feeling all kinds of nervous about it over here. 

Hold on to your seats as we brace ourselves for a back to school blast off!

Whether or not your kids are getting ready to go back to school soon, you’re going to want to capture that moment of their first day this year with these cute free printable First Day of School Signs 2019-2020.

Just scroll to the bottom to print yours out today!

Planning Ahead

Just a friendly heads up to be sure to snap of a pic of your kiddos before they head off to school this year, preferably do it the day before. Ask me how I know… 😉

There’s been one too many times when I got distracted by something and completely forgot on their first day of school.

One year, I happen to remember just as they got off the bus from a long day.

My poor kiddos look like they had been through war and barely survived. lol

Knowing what I know now, we are changing things up this year and planning ahead to avoid another mom-brained mishap from happening yet again. 😉

To get ourselves all psyched up and ready for the first day of school, we went on a mad dash this week to get everything we need:

  1. School Supplies shopping for $0 out of pocket using gift cards from Swagbucks surveys
  2. School clothes & shoes shopping during summer clearance sales at 80-90% off from the Children’s Place, H&M, Kohl’s, & JCPenney stores.
  3. Printed, filled out, & submitted our Back To School Forms for 2019-2020
  4. Start our new bedtime routine at 8 pm & get up by 7 am.
  5. Set out our DIY Back To School Welcome Mat
  6. Hung our Back To School Crayon Wreath (used leftover school supplies)
  7. Health & Wellness check-ups at the doctor’s office (a few too many times)
  8. Grocery shopping for DIY school lunches
  9. Prepped for our First Day of School Signs & took pictures so mom can gush about it

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Be sure to print out your free printable 2020-2021 First Day of School Signs here, instead.

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