How To Make A Decorative Halloween Door Mat For $1

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Make This Halloween DoorMat For About $1
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How To Make A Decorative Halloween Door Mat For $1

I’ve made this Halloween doormat last year with the intention of writing up a post about it. But life got in the way and I got distracted chasing yet another squirrel, so here it is now, lol. Just in time for celebrating Halloween a year later! 

This doormat was inspired by my trip to our local Lowe’s Home Improvement store last fall. But you know what happens when you go out shopping and find something you want but you can’t have it because it’s too expensive? You make a cheaper DIY version of it and it turns out even better than you expect!

I had originally planned to go and shop for some professional-grade kitchen cabinet paint like I had done so with our last property. That project yielded a pretty good outcome and really made a world of a difference to our very orange kitchen, it was like living in the real-life book a la James & The Giant Peach. 

Back to the cute Jack O’Lantern Doormat, that I’ve found at Lowe’s. It was $18.99 before taxes! I remember thinking, heck no! I can totally make that for so much cheaper.

Guess how much!

Yep, $1 and some change!

I went to Dollar Tree and grabbed a couple of their black indoor-outdoor mats. Unless it’s free, you just can’t beat the $1.77 price tag. I already had everything I needed to create my project already on-hand, so no need to spend any more money than I had to. 

I made this cute Back To School Doormat during the same week that I made my Halloween doormat. Even if you need one, you can probably find a can of NeverWet spray at your local Dollar Tree. Thus, making this project costs less than $3, provided you already have acrylic paints at home somewhere in your craft supplies.

Here are the supplies you will need.

Supplies List:

  • 1 black outdoor grade doormat, (Note: these come in a variety of colors from the Dollar Tree. I chose black because it looks like a chalkboard)
  • various colors of acrylic paints, particularly: white, black, orange, green, & purple
  • various colors of jumbo sidewalk chalk
  • various sizes craft paint brushes
  • 1 plastic drop cloth/table cover for painting
  • 1 can of NeverWet WaterProof Spray (to seal the paint from harsh weather)

Where can you get your supplies?

With the exception of the acrylic paints, all of the supplies above (yes, even the NeverWet, which retails for $18 per can at my local home improvement store!) can be found at your local Dollar Tree for, $1 plus tax. 

You can grab a pack of acrylic paints at your local craft store or anywhere that sells arts and crafts supplies if you don’t have any on hand.

For this project and my back to school doormat project, I’ve already had everything that I needed on hand to completely create it. So, no need to spend extra money on any unnecessary items.

But, if there is anything on the supplies list that you do not have, be sure to check your local Dollar Tree stores first for the lowest prices. 

However, you may want to do a quick google shopping search or a peek on your weekly sales app for kicks and giggles anyway to see if there may be a surprise sale on any of the supplies you may need for an even bigger discount.

Spending an extra 5 minutes to search for a few items can save you a little extra cash that you can use on something else you may like too! 😉

Make This Halloween DoorMat For About $1


  1. First, let’s make sure you have a flat surface to work on, preferably a table to save you from back pain. 
  2. You can see from the above picture that I did not heed my own advice and thus I am giving you a heads up, you’re welcome. lol 😉
  3. Next, let’s go ahead and cover your table with a plastic/vinyl sheet or even a tarp. 
  4. Set the blank rug on top of the tarp-covered surface. 
  5. Then, grab a jumbo stick of chalk and start free handing your design.
  6. The good thing about using chalk is that if you mess up, you can just rub it off with your hand and start over again, just like you would on a real chalkboard! :0
  7. This will be your template to work on as you go over your chalk lined design with a paintbrush.
  8. After you’ve settled on your chalk-drawn design, grab some different sized paintbrushes and fill in your designs with the acrylic paints.
  9. Let it dry overnight (and preferably outside so you don’t have to keep smelling the fumes from the paints), at least 8 hours.
  10. Finally, give it a good spray of NeverWet to seal in the paint and to keep your beautiful work of art from running off from the wet rainwater and harsh elements outside.
  11. Oai la, you are done! 
  12. Enjoy your beautifully decorated Halloween doormat and give those trick or treaters something sweet to look forward to besides candy! 🙂

Make This Halloween DoorMat For About $1

Make This Halloween DoorMat For About $1

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