Comedy- it’s medicine for my soul.

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Laughter is the best medicine for this couple.

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Comedy- it’s medicine for my soul.


Laughter really is the best medicine

There is a good reason why people say that laughter is the best medicine, here is mine.

My epiphany came after watching an episode of Conan O’Brien Live in Mexico on Netflix with my hubby, The Yeti.

After attending a couple of funerals last month, my coach suggested that I lean in and have myself a good cry. And lean in, I did. 


Don’t get me wrong, I am so absolutely grateful for the wise words and virtual hugs from my wonderful group of Mastermind ladies as I got the opportunity to vent to them about what’s been bothering me lately.

But after watching Conan, I’ve realized that crying is just not my thing. On the contrary, it is actually laughing.


Man with boobs

Comedy is the medicine for my soul. It’s that good ole tear-jerking, red-faced, abs crunching laugh that was all the therapy I needed to get myself out of my month-long funk with depression.

My husband hates it when I say this, but admittedly so, I am basically a man with boobs when it comes to emotions.

It takes me a good long while to get the gumption to wrap my head around my heart.


Comedy is the medicine for my soul.

It took me a few late night episodes with my Yeti hubby to really come to my Ah-ha moment.

And then it hit me like a ton of bricks on the third episode of Conan.

There it was staring me in the face like a doe in headlights and then I realize that it has been there the entire time. It has always been comedy.

Comedy is my go-to therapy for all the things that have gone wrong in my life. 

For me, the month of May has been nothing but a comedy of tragedies, one funeral after another.



Comedy has always been my security blanket for whenever things start to fall apart or go wrong in my life.

I’ve always been able to turn to comedy and watch my favorite comedians perform and take away my stress of worldly problems that are outside of my control.

I have always admired watching these bone tickling artists work their craft and win over an entire room of people.



Laughter transcends barriers and connects people

People like me, who are mesmerized and hang on to their every word and every gesture.

That perfect mix of empathy and laughter seem to just magically transcend and break through just about every human barrier there is in the world.

There is this beautiful connection that happens between the audience and the comedian, it’s relatability.

Once the crowd erupts into a roar of laughter, the comedian immediately earns his stripes for being funny.


Laughter connects people. Heck, even the word humor is derived from the word human which is also related to the word humility.

So it’s only natural for humans to connect thru humor, as well as humility.

Laughter can transcend every barrier placed amongst humans from humans by humans.

No skin color, gender, or political affiliation seem to matter when you’re caught up in the intoxicating whim of pure joy while laughing at a clever joke or even at your very own mishaps.

That fleeting moment of pure joy is what I find so perfect, if only for a short 30-minute comedy skit.



To Be Human Is To Be Humble 

I find myself asking, why can’t I do that too?

I love how comedians like Conan are able to say “seemingly stupid things,” make a fool of themselves and get a crowd roaring with laughter.

It’s all in the name of entertainment, it’s giving the people a good time.

And it’s bringing people together to celebrate the joy of laughter because empathy (being able to share & relate to another human’s foibles) is what bring us closer together.

To be human is to be humble and to be humble is to have humor.

And isn’t that what life is truly about?

It’s about making a connection, building a relationship, establishing trust.

What better way to do that than to share a laugh amongst friends.

Friends who were once strangers have now somehow connected through the shared relatable experience of laughter.


Así es la Vida

Such a funny thing about life, is that when it brings me lemons, I choose to make lemonade.

When I was feeling down in the dumps this month over the tragedies of death, I choose to turn to comedy as a reprieve for my soul.

It’s always been like the yin to my yang. I am done crying about it.

Instead of crying about how unfair life and death is and understanding that there is simply nothing I can do about any of it, I am choosing to laugh in the face of uncertainty.

Así es la Vida, such is life, as they would say in Spanish.


Laughter is the best medicine for this couple.

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