Cheap & Simple DIY Felt Succulent Wreath for $1.11

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DIY Felt Succulent Craft Wreath
DIY Felt Succulent Craft Wreath
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Cheap & Simple DIY Felt Succulent Wreath for $1.11


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As you may have seen and heard, succulents are all the rage nowadays.

Anywhere you look, there seems to be no shortage of succulents in all the stores.


Succulents are all the rage everywhere we turn nowadays, like this gorgeous wall decor from Pottery Barn. However, the price tag, is anything but… :/


Real ones, fake ones, paper ones, and felt ones, you name it? They have it.

Even I had to succumb to the siren calls of those fascinating plant life material.

There’s just something about it, an aura maybe?

That exudes classy, elegance, and timelessness, much like it’s counterpart, the orchid.

(I love orchids!) I just can’t seem to have enough of them.

I also love to give them away as gifts for any and all occasions!

Anyway, I feel the same way about succulents too.


The Best Gift!

There can never be one too many succulents whether you decide to keep them as natural air purifiers aka home decor or you decide to give them away as gifts.

They will be well-received by most folks.

Well, nothing seems to scream, “Spring is here!” like fresh succulents.

Imagine my surprise when I found a couple of these lovely strands of succulents on clearance at Target for (Warning: brace yourself now-wait for it)

10 Cents! Can you believe it?


Now some of you may be thinking, “Sweet! Can’t mess that up too badly for that low of a price!”

And you’re absolutely right!

So, I paired the felt succulent strand up with a simple twig wreath from the Dollar Tree and created a beautifully simple yet elegant Spring wreath.

Looks so fresh, this wreath will make any leprechaun green with envy.



All you need are 2 things:

  • a willow wreath from the Dollar Tree for $1.00 (before tax)
  • and a string of felt succulents banner on a tweed rope that I was able to find on clearance at Target for just $0.11,  after Valentine’s Day (before tax)


No need for any messy glue guns or tape.

Just tuck the ends of the tweed string into the willow wreath.

That’s it! Easy, peasy, affordable, and stylish!

Just in time to refresh and redecorate your home for Spring!


Cute & Easy Felt Succulent Wreath Craft Tutorial



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