How To Save Time & Money With Kroger ClickList


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 Have you heard of the new grocery pick up service trend lately? Seems like everyone is hopping on that bandwagon too, and for good reasons. 

If you haven’t, you are surely missing out.

But that’s ok because I will let you in on the secret.

If you have, it is awesome and man does it make life a whole lot easier. Why?

Because you order your groceries, online! Yup! That’s right, online! (cue the singing angels)

Then you drive to the store and pick up your groceries.

Umm, so that means, in your pj’s, face naked as the day you were born and not one stitch of makeup to save your life, hair like an endangered bird’s habitat, all the while knowing that you are being quietly judged by the wait staff.

Yes please, I’ll take that.

What in the world?! How awesome is that?!

They even have people who select your groceries fresh to the pique of perfection for you on the day of your pick up!

Say you want slightly green but kinda yellowish bananas that are firm to the touch but still soft and sweet when you first bite into it?

Done! Just like that.

Man, that is some serious luxury! 

If this is your first time using Kroger’s Click List grocery pick up service, here are a few things you need to know to make this whole experience even easier.


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  • Go to (on your phone or computer, not available in the app yet)


  • Click on Digital Coupons, on the top menu bar or the left sidebar under the Savings tab


  • Scroll through to browse the coupons that are available 


  • Click Load to Card to select the coupons you want to use




  • Go to the left sidebar and click on the Click List


  • Use the search icon (magnifying glass) to search for items that you want -or-


  • Do a manual search on the left sidebar under each of the store’s categories


  • Select the quantity you want


  • Add it to your cart



  • Click on your shopping cart to edit items or to check out


  • Choose your pickup location by typing in your zip code


  • Choose the date and time you’d be available to pick up your groceries



  • Bring your Driver’s License or valid form of identification


  • Bring your credit or debit card with you


  • Remember to bring any additional paper manufacturer’s and store coupons you’ve clipped by hand to deduct from your total bill


  • You can also clip them digitally under the Savings tab, this makes it quick & effortless to save money


  • Follow the Click List signs in the parking lot


  • Once there, call the phone # on the parking sign in to let them know you’re here and in which parking spot #.


  • Lastly, save your receipts and upload a pic of it via your smartphone to rebate apps such as: ibotta, check51 amongst many other rebate apps to save even more cash!


Here are just a few of the pros and the cons that I have discovered from my recent experience(s):


screenshot 2/12/2018 at 11:40 AM



  • Update as of 6/17/2018: You can now download use the Kroger app just like you would with the URL on a desktop or any other device, including clipping digital coupons and placing online orders!


  • Convenience! Their hours of operation are from 7am-9pm, 7 days a week!


  • They also have same-day 2-hour pick-up now, based on first come first serve online reservations!


  • Your favorite items are saved from your previous grocery shopping trips, so you can buy repeat items if you need to do so.


  • The Sales Items of the Week category shows you which of your favorites are on sale that week highlighted in yellow.


  • You can combine your favorite sale items with the store digital coupons in the green font below each item to save even more.


  • You have the power to control what you want to buy before you pay because you can see your cart total adding up to the right of your screen (that means no more sticker shock when you get to the cashier!)


  • Because they will not care what you look like, just roll outta bed and go.


  • You don’t have to get out of your car, sans makeup ok! 🙂


  • You will save time and won’t waste a whole day walking around aimlessly through the store. 


  • You will save more money with their store and manufacturer’s coupons and see your cart before you pay.


  • There are more than 40,000 variety of items to choose from while you shop.


  • If your item is out of stock, Kroger will ask if you would like to allow a substitution and give you a comparable item in a bigger size for the same price of the original item that you’ve ordered at no additional cost.


  • Your first 3 orders are free and then you will be charged $4.95 per order thereafter. But I have found that by using a combination of digital and printed store and manufacturer’s coupons, I am saving an average of $25 from using the coupons before I even combine it with the sales. Therefore, the $4.95 means diddly squat to me since I am saving much more than that anyway.


  • If you ordered your groceries to be picked up the next day then you can make changes to your online order by midnight, the day before your scheduled pickup.



  • Out of stock items, generally, most cashiers will replace your item with a similar brand item that’s bigger and better quality item for the same price.


  • Cannot place a ClickList order on Kroger app yet, it’s desktop only, for now.


  • Cannot order prescriptions thru ClickList, at this time.


  • You cannot make any changes to your online order on any Same-Day pickup orders.


  • There is a $4.95 service charge for additional orders after your 3rd free order


  • When it comes to cashiers, most are really nice and are genuinely great people. But be mindful that there is occasionally a bad apple here and there. Just remember to smile and be as polite as possible and rest assured that there is a survey on your receipt to fill out and give feedback (keep it civil and constructive) about your experience. They really do listen! 😉


screenshot 2/12/2018 at 11:41 AM


Some more things to consider:

  • You will need to have a major debit or credit card ready to be able to place your order online since no other forms of payment are accepted at this time.


  • You will be given an estimate of your costs, before coupons.


  • Your cashier person will adjust the final total when you arrive for your order pick-up.


  • Even with a few cons, I have found that it is definitely worth the time and effort to at least try it out.


  • After my first few times using Kroger’s ClickList, I received a free bag of their store brand Candy Corn, package of Chips Ahoy Cookies, as well as a Meal Planning Kit, just for being a repeat customer.


  • It was a cute little appreciation gift they gave me for trying out their service and for being a loyal customer.


  • They got an A for effort, right there.  😉


  • I have been hooked ever since.


Click here to find out more about Kroger Click List.


Do you have any curbside grocery pickups in your area? If so, leave a comment and let me know what you think of it.


Thanks for stopping by! 🙂



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10 Do’s and Don’ts To Help You Beat Debt

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Here are 10 Do’s and Don’t To Help You Beat Debt.

I’ve even included a free printable Weekly Expenses tracker that you can download and print out to help you keep track of where your money goes.

Just scroll to the bottom to get it for free.

Unless you’ve been living under a rock your entire lives or you are one of the lucky few who happens to be born into wealth, you are no stranger to debt.

It is mind-boggling to see how quickly and easily you can spend your hard-earned money.

Yet, on the flipside, you know how painfully slow and difficult it can also be to earn it and to save it.

There simply are way better things that you would all rather spend your hard earned money on anyway.

And then you quickly find yourselves continuously digging deeper into a grave of your own doing.

Yep, debt happens to the best of us.


Yes, even me.

Growing up, I was always taught that a successful life equated to hard work and continuous pursuits in education.

Well for me, that meant getting a higher education, which meant either getting scholarships or taking out school loans in order to go to college.

I did BOTH…

We were pushed to try harder, to do more, so that we can make more money later on and buy a big house and live a lavish life because that was what success looks like.

And like a house, higher education was treated as a “good debt” in our household, and so that was what we all believed because that was what we were taught.

I’m sure that’s what you were probably taught too.

So that’s what I did.

And because of that, I now have a huge mortgage and matching huge school loans to look forward to every month for the next decade or so of my life.

All because I was duped into thinking that this is the norm for everyone who wasn’t blessed to be born into a rich family. 

Or so I thought…

This was what I believed, up until recently when I discovered tons and tons of stories from people who have gone against the grain to dig themselves out of debt.

Sometimes, it might truly be your fault. You just can’t help yourself from the allure of the latest and greatest new tech toy that just came out this season.

Other times, you just happen to get served by a circumstantial “act of God,” at no fault of yours whatsoever. Perhaps you might have bought your first house only to find out later that it was swept away because it happens to be in the direct path of a deadly hurricane.

Or, you made an appointment for your annual exam expecting your usual clean bill of health only to be told that you have incurable cancer that can possibly cost you and your family a future of uncertainty and an insurmountable amount hospital bills afterward.

Whether it is due to health, an act of nature, or just exercising poor choice, debt happens and it happens to the best of us, believe me.

So what can you do to prevent it?

It may surprise you to learn that there are many ways to soften the blow of debt and build yourself a soft cushion for when life strikes.

Check out these 10 Do’s & Don’t s On How To Beat Debt below:


1. Do Boss your money around: create a budget and tell your dollars and cents where to go. Be diligent with every penny and soon you’ll quickly find your peace of mind when you’re able to gain control of your money and not the other way around.


 2. Do get an umbrella: and start saving for a rainy day. Create a savings account for emergencies only, meaning do not spend it unless your life depended on it. Start off small, $25 per week, and by the end of the month, you would have saved yourself $100. Do this for a whole year and you would save yourself $1200, for when it really does rain.


 3. Don’t Bite Off More Than You Can Chew: Pull back the reins on your spending spree and start asking yourself if this item is a “need,” or a “want”. Do this for every purchase and you’ll soon make a routine out of it. If it is truly a “need,” give yourself the green light to buy it. However, if it is a “want,” it can wait a while until you have the cash available to spend later.


 4. Do Find Alternatives: Look for other ways to achieve the same effect, swap out an old item before replacing it with a new item, trade services with a friend who happens to be a hairstylist if you happen to moonlight as a good alterationist on the side; host a potluck night where everyone BYOB (bring your own beer) and/or side dish; think of free games or activities to do with the kids instead of going out to eat or spending money at the amusement park.


 5. Don’t Try To Keep Up With The Kardashians: simply put, do not spend money and buy things just to impress people that you do not like. Instead, let it be known that you are living frugally and chances are your true friends will respect you enough to follow suit. Because as we all know, “birds of a feather stick together,” find like-minded frugal folks to hang out with so you don’t succumb to the spending craze.


 6. Don’t Knock Meal Planning: do not underestimate the power of meal planning. A quick fast food run can be convenient, but it can easily rack up a $40+ for a family of 4. Take that number times 3 meals for 7 days a week and you’re easily spending upwards of $840  per week just on eating out for all your meals. (That’s a mortgage payment for some folks!) Do your family a favor by spending just $40 a week and plan out your meals. It will save your wallet, your waistline, not to mention your sanity for the cash you’ll be saving. Make this a priority on Sundays so that the rest of your week runs smoothly. Take advantage of grocery store loss leaders (the front page of sales ads) and buy items on sale. With the money that you can save on your weekly grocery bill, you and your family can rack up a nice fortune at the end of the month to pay down credit card bills or even start a fund for a nice family vacation!


7. Do Set Goals: Have a family meeting once per quarter and write down everything you plan to do this year, then next year. (Don’t worry if your goals change, it’ll happen.) Set up a savings account/fund for each goal and set aside a specific amount per pay period in order to reach that goal together as a family. Get your family to visualize the goal(s) and work hard towards achieving it together.


8. Do Celebrate The Small Things: Start off small, say, 3 days at a time, and keep a spending journal of all the things that bought and did not buy. Did you spend any money? If you did, can you return the item? If you did not, congratulations! You did it! You saved yourself some moolah in our hot pocket! You get a gold start for that. Now let’s have a homemade dessert and extend that 3-day goal into 7 days! There’s another homemade cookie waiting for you in the cookie jar with your name on it, in 1 week. You can do it! 😉


 9. Do Believe in Yourself: THIS IS NO SMALL FEAT. Otherwise, everyone in the entire world would be rich, right? But you have to be your own cheerleader and dig deep within to find the gumption and grit to dig yourself out of debt and save not only for you but also for the future of your family. You can do it! I believe in you.


 10. Do Move Forward: So you hit a stumbling block. You were working late yet again this week and you answered the bright yellow siren call of the double arches. It needs you and you need it, like right now. And even though you know it’s wrong, no burger in the history of all burgers has ever tasted better or half as juicy as the one you’re about to sink your pearly whites into right this second. You hate yourself but you just can’t stop. You just spent $25 on a subpar meal that will give you heartburn for the rest of the night because you were just too busy this week to meal plan and pack a meal from home. It’s ok, you heard me right, it’s ok.


This too will happen and it too shall pass because tomorrow is another day for you to try it all over again. 


It’s kind of like falling off a bike. Once you get tired of the bruises, you’ll either quit or you’ll suck it up and do it again.

Having debt can weigh you down and make you feel as though whatever it is you do, you just can’t seem to stay afloat for very long.

At first, you may start to feel as though you are nothing more than just another cog in a constant hamster wheel, destined to spend your life trapped in this never-ending soul-sucking cycle.

It’s suffocating and can oftentimes feel like you’re being bound by shackles anytime you are faced with the temptation to spend money.

But it doesn’t have to be that way forever.

If you are ready and willing to take these small steps and be willing to sacrifice a few creature comforts now, you will set yourself up for a much more comfortable future later on in life.

Because let’s face it, wouldn’t you rather be relaxing, digging your toes inside the soft sugary sands of a tropical island somewhere rather than digging yourself out of the grave of debt you’ve dug yourself into because of all the financial mistakes you’ve made in your youth?

The choice is entirely up to you.

But for most of you, it’s a no-brainer, right?

As the saying goes, “there’s no time like the present.”

Now go out there and get it done!



The purpose of this blog is to provide insight and enjoyment only. I am not nor do I claim to be an expert or professional in any manner. All opinions are 100% my own. Please do not copy any content from my website without my prior permission or written consent from me. However, you may link directly to my post for reference and to give credit.


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How We Sold Our House in Just 6 hours! (And So Can You With These FoolProof Tips!)


Photo Source by Mixed Media


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Six Hours Later…

After 10 years of living out of state and 9 of those years in our beautiful split level brick house, we decided to move out of state.

It was not a hard decision for us to leave because we were homesick and our hearts remained close to our home state.

However, after the downturn of the housing market in 2008, we were afraid that we would not be able to sell our house for a good return on investment.

And then this happened…

We sold our house in 6 hours!

We did such a great job at turning that house into a home that we made someone else fall in love with it at first sight!

In fact, we maximized it’s potential, gave it some much needed TLC during those 9 years and it more than returned it’s grace to us and paid us back in-kind.

To our surprise, we made another family fall in love with our home at first sight!

Within a mere 6 hours of already signing a contract for another house, they broke their contract and made an offer on our house, SITE UNSEEN!

You read that right!

We sold our house in 6 hours after listing it live on the MLS! :0


Mind Blowing:

We had our minds blown too when we heard those words uttered from the mouth of the new owners!

We literally put our blood, sweat, and tears, not to mention some serious moolah, into this house thinking that we were going to stay there forever.

But then life happened, and we sold it after just 1 day of being listed on the MLS (Multiple Listings Service).

It’s a crazy mad roller coaster ride! I know!

This entire process was, I know it! Lol

Before I begin to show you what we did to sell our home so quickly, let me first begin by telling you to change your mindset.

You heard me right because, in order to make this possible, you must first change your mindset about how you see your home.

What you do with it, will determine how others see it for the very first time.


In The Beginning:

It began as one of those builder grade foreclosed houses at the end of a quiet street.

This house had many imperfections that included; a missing broken window, the not-so-private backyard, the honey oak wood trim, mismatched flooring, a burgeoning forest of weeds and dandelions as far as the property lines were marked intently on the ground.

We bought it for a steal back in 2007, when the market was in the middle of a crisis.

Even in the middle of a downturn at the time, we saw these imperfections as a blank slate with tons of potential.

We knew it was risky and we went for it anyway.

Over the years, 9 to be exact, with some much-needed TLC, we turned this once forgotten foreclosure into our home boasting with pride and joy.

If you can sit down with your spouse, partner, and/or family and have a candid conversation about why it is you are selling your home.

Then you are ready to tackle this adventure together.


9 Questions to Ask Yourself About Why You Are Selling Your Home:

Ask yourself some really tough questions and answer those questions honestly.

1-Why am I selling my home?

2-Is the size of my current home too small for my family and I?

3-Is there enough space for my family and I to grow old together here?

4-Do I see myself living here for x amount of years or longer?

5-What can I do to improve my home’s value?

6-How can I add value without breaking the bank?

7-What are some positives and negatives about this home?

8-Does the neighborhood or my neighbors bother me?

9-What do I love the most/least about this home?


The Nitty Gritty:

Because let me frank with you when I say this: There is a whole lot of work to get your home ready, from getting it listed to get it SOLD!

-Some blood was spilled (someone had some paper cuts from folding all those cardboard boxes and decided to cut tape with their teeth)

-There was a lot of sweat (from going up and down the stairs several times to carry an obscene amount of boxes),

-And of course, some tears were shed too (tears of boredom from the kids-they never want to move ever again.)

But I assure you, folks, it was very well worth it!

Be sure to check out our DIY’s Before and After pix for more helpful ideas that you can implement in your own home to add value or help in the sale of your house.


Without further ado, here are the 12 foolproof tips we did to make that happen for us and you can do the same too!

(This was what our basement looked like before we decluttered, 10 years of history was buried down here. Someone grab a shovel and start digging! Sorry, I forgot to take an After photo to show proof that we did, indeed, clean our basement!)


  1. Declutter! Declutter! Declutter! 

    I cannot stress this point enough. Think less is more in this case. You want bare, or close to that, surfaces throughout your house. Think “model home” in this case. You are selling a vision of a “would be perfection” to your prospective buyer, not a vision of your cluttered left-overs. If you must keep your clutter, keep it hidden and out of sight especially during showings so that your prospective buyer can envision themselves living in this fantasy dream home that you have created for them.


*Side Note: There was a house right down the street from us (literally like 4 houses down) that was listed for the past 2 years, that sat untouched with no offers, most likely because it still looks like the photo above of our basement before we cleaned it out.

The main reason why it was still on the market well-after our house sold.

The reality is that people do not want to see “you” strewn about. Instead, they want to be able to envision themselves living in the space that you are selling.

This was the reason why I was so nervous about selling our house.

In every photo that they have uploaded to the MLS, it was apparent that there were gobs of clutter that needed to be gone.


*Moral of my Side Note:

In order to sell your home, DON’T TAKE IT PERSONALLY.

Whatever you do, PUT YOUR BEST FACE (your house) FORWARD.

Clean your clutter, pack it away, or hire someone to get rid of your junk.



I know this is tough to digest because as proven by me, that’s how my before pic looked like before we decided to declutter and get serious. (Don’t do what I did in the above pic. Don’t show the world your mess as I did!)

Been there, done that, it will be ok.



Even when your days may end up looking like the left pic below.

(This piece de resistance was compliments from my daughter when she discovered a stray crayon on the floor. I hit that with a Mr. Clean Magic Eraser and the scribbles were gone lickety-split.)


2. Mean Green Cleaning Machine! Also another point I cannot stress enough about. Clean your house like your life depends on it! So clean, you can eat off the floors, like having your last-meal on it type of clean. I’m serious about this. There’s just no other way around it. You want your house to be immaculate, as in stain-free, without a reasonable doubt as to where that mystery odor is coming from kind of clean.


Photo Source  by Mixed Media 2016


3. Light the way!

 Be sure to turn on all the lights if the showings are in the evening. If it is during the day, be sure to open all the shades. The idea here is to let in as much natural light as possible to show how bright airy, and expansive your home looks and feels. This is another reason why any sort of light neutral shade of paint that reflects the most light will win the hearts of your prospective buyer. 


Side Note: (Before we decided to paint our master bedroom in a lovely shade of warm greige from Behr’s Rolling Pebble, we made the mistake of choosing a very greenish yellow wheatgrass color, which always seemed to make me sick in more ways than one. Moral of the story: choose carefully my friends…)


 4. Be like the Swiss and Go Neutral (see step #3)

Paint your walls a neutral color or stick with plain white walls. Again, you want the eyes to continue glossing over the entire space allowing your home to look bigger and more expansive. Staging each room with some smartly placed and appropriately-sized furniture will help the prospective buyer imagine themselves living in their dream home. Use your own furniture if it is in great condition or consider renting out some from a staging company for the duration of your home selling process.


 5. The Holy Trinity 

When staging, decorate in vignettes of odd numbers, preferably 3’s and 5’s, for a more contemporary or modern look. If you have a more traditional looking home, like a classic Victorian home, then symmetry would work better. You would decorate in pairs using an even number or 2’s or 4’s, like pillows on a couch or place settings on a dining room table.


(One of my favorite features in our old house was the beautiful high windows. If you have them, be sure to highlight them by opening your window drapes and turning on all your lights before a home showing. This was a lovely sight for sore eyes after a long weekend away.)  Photo Source by Mixed Media 2016



6. Go Up, Up, Up

Take advantage of the high ceilings, if you have them. Draw the eyes up with long sheer drapes as close to the ceiling as possible and just barely skimming the floors. Or you can leave an extra 2-4 inches billowing on the sides of windows for a soft and romantic feel in the living room and bedrooms.


Photo Source by Mixed Media 2016


7. Deodorize the Premises 

Use a scented candle from the fancy store at the mall or a room spray, also from said store in the mall. Bake some chocolate chip cookies, brew a fresh pot of hazelnut coffee, or simmer some oranges, lemons, and cloves in a small slow cooker a few minutes before any showing. You want to enhance your prospective buyer’s ole factory by giving them a lingering memory of how pleasant your house smelled.


(This vessel sink and faucet combo was a total score at only $25 on Amazon! Can you believe it?!)


 8. Out of Sight, Out of Mind 

Be sure to clean, hide, and put away anything that is pet related, dirty, unsanitary, or just a plain eyesore. Put away your pet’s food bowls, hide/get rid of chew toys, and most importantly – absolutely & without a doubt get rid of pet dander, pet hair, and pet stains that can offend your buyers! Because pet hairs inside of your nice stainless steel fridge is a major turn off to any potential buyers giving them the impression that your home is dirty and unkempt!) 


(I love container arrangements! I look forward to it every spring! Put a couple of these by the front door to welcome guests as they visit for a showing. It will definitely make a lasting impression on them.)


9. First Impression is Everything! 

Be sure to trim the bushes, pull the weeds, mow the lawn, or shovel your driveway & front porch. Flank your front door with container flowers, a nice and clean welcome mat, and a pretty wreath to set the tone for the rest of your house.


(Accentuate the best features in each room of your home: here is one clear view of our jet tub in our Master Bathroom. Notice, we have eliminated all our personal photos, rubber duckies, and general knick-knacks to only display a relaxing spa experience for our potential buyers.)


10. Keep it Generic 

Stash away your family photos especially wedding photos and children’s photos. Display a couple of generic pieces of art or a simple mirror, instead. You want to encourage your prospective buyer to envision their own memory-making process not your own. After all, you are selling them your property, not your own memories. So pack away those precious family heirlooms and display them in your new home where your family can appreciate and enjoy them.


We’ve accentuated the double sink vanity and decorated this upstairs bathroom with another “spa-like feel” but with a whimsical touch of color, in accents of blue. It’s a refreshing color for a bathroom.


 11. Rinse, Wash, and Repeat all the steps above on up until closing 

This is probably one of the hardest things to do, aside from de-cluttering your entire house. You have to continue the upkeep and keep it clean all up until you’ve sold your home and signed the closing paperwork. Just keep swimming, you’re almost there…


12. Sit back, Relax, and Enjoy the fruits of your labor because you deserve it after all that hard work! 

Now that you have gone thru each and every step, from 1-11, you deserve a much-needed break. Go crack open a bottle of wine and celebrate your hard work.


So to recap, when getting ready to list your house for sale either on the MLS (Multiple Listings Service) or For Sale By Owner, remember to check out these 12 foolproof tips above to help you sell your home more quickly and command a higher profit for your home.

Best of luck and good fortune to you! 

Photo Source by Mixed Media 2016
Photo Source by Mixed Media 2016



The purpose of this blog is to provide insight and enjoyment only. I am not nor do I claim to be an expert or professional in any manner. All opinions are 100% my own. Please do not copy any content from my website without my prior permission or written consent from me. However, you may link directly to my post for reference and to give credit.


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