How To Make A DIY Princess Poppy Troll Inspired Costume For Less Than $4

She is all dressed and ready for her Halloween Parade around the school in true Princess Poppy style!


The Trolls Movie came out last year during the 2016 holidays season. Since then, my daughter has been head over heels in love and still, can’t stop talking about it! All of the characters in this movie look so colorful and cuddly covered with felt and glitter, how can any normal kid not go bananas? Don’t even get me started on all those cool songs and dance moves, lol.

This is a screenshot that I took on my phone of the fleece fabric blanket from Joann Fabrics that I have used as my inspiration for my DIY Poppy inspired costumes.

What’s not to love? It is sheer sensory overload for any kid. She has seen this movie a grand total of 25 times in counting and does not plan to stop watching it anytime soon. I believe she knows every song and can recount every dance move from beginning to end.

This is a screenshot of the Poppy costume that was sold at the Target Stores in October 2017. My daughter astutely pointed out that it’s not fleece, unlike how it was in the movie. 😉

So of course, she had to be Poppy for Halloween this year, as if there was ever any doubt about that! Out of curiosity, I did some research to see if it would be worth it to buy a Poppy costume or to attempt another DIY project. A brand new flimsy costume from Target was going to cost me $25 before taxes and the wig would be an extra $10, also before taxes.    


Sorry, not going to pay that for something she is likely going to wear just once, smh.

Instead of shelling out more than $35, I decided to attempt another one of my DIY skills on this new little pet project of mine to see if we can get it done much cheaper. And guess what? It’s totally doable!   It’s like a bad case of Deja Vu, but instead of making over my son, I am doing it for my daughter this year! lol Here’s what I did:

On one of my random visits to Joann Fabrics this month, I happen to discover that there was a sale on blizzard fleece, which, coincidentally, bears a really close resemblance to all of the felt material and scrapbook feel of the Trolls Movie. And at 50% off the regular price of $8.99/yard, making it $4.49 I thought it would be worth it to give it a try and make poppy’s famous blue dress. I also picked up a sheet of green felt for $0.25 to make her headband and found pink fabric spray paint on clearance for $1.97 to make her hair. The total cost of this project was $7.21. However, instead of only one Poppy costume, I was lucky enough to have enough material to make 2 of them! Since my daughter and her friend, both love Poppy, I was able to surprise them both with a Poppy costume. This makes each costume (dress, headband, and wig included) cost just $3.60 per kid, which is a win for me! 🙂

This was a super simple project that really did not require any sewing. You can even use fabric glue if you wanted to do so. However, I just happen to have a sewing machine at home and I wanted to test my memory of how to thread it if I ever needed to since it’s been so long since I’ve last used it.  And I’m happy to report that my old noggin’ still works despite the cobwebs!  🙂

If you’d like to make your own DIY version of a Poppy costume for your little one, here is what you will need.

List of materials:

  • pink fabric spray paint
  • 1 sheet of green felt
  • 1/2  yard of turquoise blue blizzard fleece (depending on your child’s dress size)
  • a well-fitting dress (to use as a template to trace around) already have
  • tape measure (already had on-hand)
  • white sewing chalk (already had on-hand)
  • sewing scissors (already had on-hand)
  • sewing machine with white thread (already had on-hand)
  • sewing pins (already had on-hand)
  • white acrylic/fabric paint (already had on-hand)
  • white sidewalk chalk (already had on-hand)
  • green sidewalk chalk (already had on-hand)
  • fake snow blanket (the kind that used to cover the bottom of a Christmas tree)- already have
  • pink long sleeve/hoodie sweater (already had on-hand)
  • pink leggings (already had on-hand)
  • pink boots (already had on-hand)
  • pink glitter makeup/lipstick (already had on-hand)
  • scrap pieces of cardboard to protect the fabric and your table from paint (already have)
  • cup of water (already had on-hand)
  • small sponge (already had on-hand)
  • small detail paint brush (already had on-hand)
  • plastic headband (already had on-hand)
  • hot glue gun (already had on-hand)


This was a project fit for the trolls as the majority of it involved cutting and gluing, just like Poppy’s scrapbooking! 🙂

Directions for the headband and wig:

  • Take the snow blanket outside and spray paint it pink. Be sure to place it inside of an open cardboard box to keep the color from spreading and to control the smell. Warning: It smells atrocious! 🙁
  • Follow the direction on the spray paint can. Spray paint one side and wait about an hour or so until it is dry to the touch. Then flip it over and spray the other side. Let it dry overnight.
  • Take a plastic and trace it onto the green felt.
  • Cut out the traced pattern of the headband and hot glue it onto the plastic headband covering its entirety with green felt. Let it dry.
  • Cut out several pieces of leaves in varying sizes with the leftover pieces of green felt.
  • Cut out several pieces of petals in varying sizes with the leftover pieces of turquoise blue fleece material.
  • Assemble the leaves and petals to make two small flowers on the top left of the green headband and one small flower on the top right of the headband using hot glue. Let it dry.
  • Now that the snow blanket is dry and pink, tease it into the best fitting shape and size of your child’s head.
  • Then hot glue the pink fuzz, piece by piece onto the headband until you’re happy with its placement and shape.
  • You are done! Snap a pic of your new Poppy Troll Wig!
I used my daughter’s 5T cheerleader dress as a template and added another 4 inches to extend the hem of her Poppy dress so that she can wear it many more times after Halloween. The girl loves to play dress up with her friends!
This was the messy part. I used a combination of acrylic paints and fabric paints because I ran out of each, so I mixed them and let them dry for 2 hours in between coats.

Directions for making the dress:

  1. Find a sleeveless dress that fits your child well and place it on top your folded turquoise blue fleece. This will be your template, trace the outline of the dress onto the fleece using sewing chalk. Make sure to leave a 1″ allowance all the way around your pattern for seam lines.
  2. Take the turquoise blue fleece and fold it in half lengthwise. This will give you 2 layers for the front and the back of Poppy’s dress.
  3. With sewing scissors, cut through the 2 layers of fleece.
  4. Take the top layer and cut out a v-neck. This will be the front of the Poppy Dress. Leave the 2nd layer as-is, this will be the back of the dress.
  5. Pin the 2 layers together to keep them in place.
  6. I eyeballed and guestimated the size of the saddle-shaped strap that will go over the front left shoulder of Poppy’s dress and cut this piece out to attach it to the inner left shoulder when sewing it together. Then attach the strap alongside the left outer v part of the front of the dress using hot glue for a more finished look.
  7. Make sure your sewing machine is ready to go with white threading in place and sewing together the shoulders and the sides of the dress. (I used a zigzag stitch pattern because I do not have a serger.)
  8. Place a scrap piece of cardboard underneath the dress and trace the fleur di lis pattern onto the bottom hem of the dress on the front using the white sidewalk chalk.
  9. Using the chalk as a guide, go over the pattern using white acrylic paint and fill in the pattern with a detail paintbrush.
  10. Using a wet sponge, blend the white acrylic paint from the design to the hem of the dress to create an ombre effect at the bottom.
  11. Repeat steps 11-13 on the other side (back of the dress) at the bottom hem.
  12. Let each side of the dress dry for 3-4 hours.
  13. Paint a yarn clasp onto the saddle strap front closure of the dress.
  14. Using the green sidewalk chalk, trace a thicker line around the fleur di lis pattern and blend in with your fingers to create a greenish ombre effect around the pattern.
  15. Abra Cadabra! Now we have a finished our very own DIY Inspired version of Princess Poppy The Troll dress! Enjoy!
We hope we’ve inspired you to create your own version too. Let us know how your’s turned out!



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From a regular boy to Super Fire Mario, “here we go!”


If your kid is anything like mine, then you can definitely relate. To say that he is obsessed with all things related to The Super Mario Brothers is an understatement.

My 6 year-old-son, eats, sleeps, and breathes all things, Super Mario. The boy wants to embody Super Mario as we all know him.

So it was no surprise when he mentioned that he wanted to be Super Fire Mario for Halloween, again… 2 years in a row now, not kidding.

I was able to find some great tutorials via Pinterest to help me make an awesome costume for him to wear while Trick or Treating. He loved it so much that he still wears it around the house while playing his video games a few times out of the week.

I am so glad that I decided to make it out of a thicker material instead of buying an overpriced flimsy one.

*Side Note: When he was a wee little toddler, Angry Birds seemed to be his thing. His love for Angry Birds was resurrected when we took him and his 4 year-old-sister out to the movie theaters for the very first time last summer.

As a matter of fact, we used to collect all things Angry Birds for him so that we may redecorate his big boy’s room for him one day. But we have since, decided against that and went with Super Mario Brothers instead. Check that out here.


“Best. Day. Ever!” was their response when asked how their movie experience went. 

But now, oh no, it’s Super Mario FTW (for the win)!

My son will come to a dead stop, drop whatever he is doing, and come blazing in into the room at full speed just to catch a glimpse of his hero, Mario. And like a moth to a flame, he can’t help but be lured by the siren’s call of that cheerful 8-bit music.

So when I asked the kids what they wanted to be for Halloween, naturally the only answer that uttered from their little mouths were Super Mario and Baby Peach.

As if I even had to ask? Come On! RME (rolling my eyes)

This was shortly after we’ve discovered the old 80’s series episodes on Netflix, The Super Mario Brothers Show, which prompted their decision, of course.

We normally allow each of our kids 30 minutes of screen time per day and a story each night before bed. And naturally, my son would choose to watch The Super Mario Brothers Show each night. He would watch a new episode each night until the entire series was finished.

I kid you not, it took f-o-r-e-v-e-r as we sat through it night after night. :/ So, it did not come as a complete shock to me when he said wanted to be Super Mario for Halloween.

But when my daughter uttered the words Baby Peach, I was blown away. Although she definitely has tomboy tendencies, she’s a girly girl, like her no fear outlook on life.

She’s quite the opinionated little lady who isn’t afraid to tell you what she likes and does not like. Since she does not have a favorite character, she tends to be more random and generalized in her choice of female characters.

I did not think she would be remotely interested in the limited amount of female characters that the Super Mario Brothers series offered. However, if I had to guess, I think she really wanted to share an interest with her brother since they have been the best of friends and also the worst of enemies for as long as they’ve been alive.

Their sibling bond is just so sweet when they are not busy fighting with one another. ^_^

After my fun Halloween costumes conversation with the kids, I set out to shop online to see what I could find. I was immediately blown away by the astronomical prices for these kids’ costumes.

Whoa! Seriously? That’s a whole lotta moolah!

However, I was lucky enough to find a whole ensemble of a Princess Peach costume that included the crown, the dress, and the pinafore on clearance at the Birthday Express online store for just under $7.83!

To get this price, I found an offer coupon in my email from the Birthday Express Store for an extra 33% off all clearance merchandise promo. Then I stacked it with an extra 6% eBates click thru offer to boot!

Woohoo! What an awesome score! 


The only problem was that it was 5 sizes too big and I needed a toddler-sized costume, not a big kid costume. So, I went ahead and snagged it anyway hoping that maybe with some magic fairy dust and a little ingenuity, I can fix that sucker up in a jiffy.

So instead of Baby Peach, we just told her that Baby Peach ate a mushroom and now she’s all grown up and turns into Princess Peach. My daughter was satisfied with that story, so we left it at that, whew! 


So that took care of my daughter’s Baby Princess Peach costume request.


And with the wave of my wand, she was transformed into Baby Peach.



Next up on the list, Super Fire Mario!

But, I did not have any luck finding a Mario costume for my son that did not blow our budget out of proportions. In no way was I going to be shelling out $29 + tax for something my kid was only going to wear for a grand total of 3 hours of his life. 

I just could not stomach being sucker punched in the wallet like that. So I decided to do the next best thing I could think of. I was bound and determined to make his costume for under $5!

That’s crazy, I know, but I’m cheap like that and dammit I will make this work!

Since I am an introvert, I tend to shy away from people. But I do love me a good DIY project and I never seem to shy away from creating something with my own two hands for much cheaper than I am willing to pay for it.

So naturally, I consulted good ol’ Pinterest for some ideas and omigoodness did it ever deliver!

I love me some Pinterest! Don’t you? Lol 

Inspirational Image:

(I did a Google search to find out exactly how to replicate Super Fire Mario to finally appease my son’s obsession. And this was the picture that I ended up using for my DIY inspiration costume.)

I did a quick search for DIY Super Mario Costumes on Pinterest and gleaned thru all the results that came up. After some careful consideration, I chose a handful of what I believed to be the best most thoroughly explained tutorials that I can execute without pulling out my already sparse hairs.

Here are some of the best sources of inspiration I have used for creating my son’s Super Mario Costume. Without these tutorials, I would still be scratching my head in frustration trying to figure out where to begin.

These ladies gave me the inspiration and the confidence that I needed to actually do this on my own.

So without further ado, please check them out for yourself if you are thinking about creating your very own version of a Super Mario costume for your kid and tell me what you think. For more detailed instructions, click on the links below:

Tutorial For the Overalls:

(With these tutorials, I was able to create the exact look that I wanted for my son’s costume and it turned out beautifully.:) )

Tutorial For the Hat:

For full instructions and tutorials on how to create your very own version of this DIY Super Mario Hat and Costume, be sure to click thru to the links in this blog post.

Download Pattern for Hat Here:

Just in case you were wondering about the costs, I have included a break down of the price for each item. Here is a list of materials that I used to create my son’s Super Mario Costume.

List of Materials for Super Mario Costume:

-Boys Long Sleeve White Thermal undershirt size 4-5T (already had in the closet as a gift from his Grandma a couple years ago) Here is a similar one, if you do not happen to have one available on hand. These are pretty cheap and readily available to pick up anywhere, usually under $4.

-Kids White knit gloves (also already had in the closet as a gift from his Grandma) Theses are also easy to find and generally can be found for about $1.

-Black sheet of felt for Mario’s mustache ($1.07 with tax for a 10 pack @ The Dollar Tree)

– 2 sheets of white felt (24”x24,” $1.07 with tax or $0.50 each at Joann Fabrics)

-1.5 yards of red felt material for overall pants ($1.59 with tax, on sale for $0.99 a yard @ Joann Fabrics)

-1 comfortable pair of pants, (preferably jeans that fit your kid perfectly so that it does not expand or contract too much when you are cutting around it.) We already had a pair on hand, so no need to buy one.

-About 1/2 yard of white elastic ¾’ thick to sew onto the back of mustache, this goes around the child’s head above the nose and ears to hold up the mustache (already had on hand)

-1 good pair of sharp fabric scissors (already have on hand)

-Sewing machine with zigzag pattern (already have on hand)

-Your choice of color for thread spool & bobbins, I used white and red for my son

(already have these on hand in my sewing kit)

-2 big yellow buttons ($2.43 with 40% off coupon and tax)

-Light-up Fireball from Target ($1.06 with tax)

Total: $7.23 ($2.23 over budget, not too shabby for a DIY project)

*Note: I realized I needed extra fabric than the tutorial called for because:

  1. I purposely made it kind of big so that the waist and the hem can be let out if he had a sudden growth spurt, or
  2. If you want to stuff a small pillow under the shirt to give Mario his trademark look as though he had 1 too many plates of spaghetti. 
  3. Because I am a figure-it-out-as-I-go, beginner-sewist, who-makes-a-lot-of-mistakes. So please, take that into consideration as you may or may not attempt this yourself. 
The finished product!


Super Fire Mario Go!


So now that Halloween is over, I wonder what the next craze will be.


Super Fire Mario and Princess Peach, ready to win at Trick-or-Treating!


Stay tuned for that adventure…




The purpose of this blog is to provide insight and enjoyment only. I am not nor do I claim to be an expert or professional in any manner. All opinions are 100% my own. Please do not copy any content from my website without my prior permission or written consent from me. However, you may link directly to my post for reference and to give credit.


This website contains affiliate links and sponsorships. I do not endorse nor would I recommend any products that I have not used nor trust to my readers. Thank you so much for your continued support in helping our small blog grow- at no costs to you whatsoever.


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