50 Easy Ways For You To Save Money Starting Right Now

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50 Ways For You To Save Money Starting Right Now
Want to save more money this year but don’t know where to start? Check out this post on 50 easy ways for you to save money right now!
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50 Easy Ways For You To Save Money Starting Right Now


Easy Come Easy Go

Not even gonna lie, saving money is hard.


It is especially hard when you have debt weighing on the back of your mind.


The never-ending bills that keep piling up month after month after month is enough to make you

go bonkers and leave you feeling utterly drained from all of your efforts you just made trying to

make ends meet living paycheck to paycheck.


You tell yourself, ‘if only I know now what I did not know back then, my life would be so



I wish I would have listened to my parents when they told me to save my money instead of

spending it mindlessly on stupid things like ice frappe drinks, or new clothes, (insert your

favorite pastime/vice here).


That is why I made this free printable Savings Fund Tracker to help you with your particular

savings goal this year!



Just scroll to the bottom to print yours out and start saving for your savings fund goal today!


Let’s Make Change!

But hindsight is 20/20, and what does not kill you makes you a stronger person, isn’t that right?


This year, let’s commit to doing the right things in the present so that you can treat your future

self with a comfortable retirement in your golden years.


Check out this list of 50 ways for you to save money starting right now and discover all of the

obvious and not so obvious ways that you can set yourself up on the right path to saving more

money for your future.


  1. Cut out the cable bill
  2. Limit the number of times you dine out
  3. Negotiate your utility bills
  4. Turn off all the lights when you leave a room
  5. Switch from regular light bulbs to LED energy-efficient bulbs
  6. Research the best rates for insurance (Home, Auto, Life, etc.)
  7. Buy food Staples in bulk (examples include; rice, beans, flour, etc.)
  8. Make a weekly meal plan
  9. Cook your meals from home and eat at home, using leftovers for lunch the next day
  10. Create and modify your monthly budget regularly ( expect changes, not every month will be the same)
  11. Plan & budget for your purchases before you buy
  12. Use cash only to avoid going into further debt
  13. Get rid of all your credit cards except for one (Some purchases still require credit cards like Airlines)
  14. Pay down your student loans regularly as quickly as you can & as much as you can
  15. Pay down your mortgage as quickly as you can and as much as you can
  16. Consider using freezer meals as part of your meal planning
  17. Or do a large batch cooking once for an army so that you can eat several times later
  18. Use coupons, promo codes, and discounts every time you shop
  19. Click thru rebate sites like Ebates.com & Swagbucks.com when shopping online
  20. Use Kroger 4 X’s fuel points when buying groceries, gas, and gift cards to save money at the pump
  21. Plan all your purchases & buy discounted gift cards from; raise.com,  mygiftcardsplus.com, eBay PayPal digital, eBay SVM gift cards before you shop for anything
  22. Follow like-minded Frugal folks online like;  moneysavingmom.com, krazycouponlady.com, passionatepennypincher.com,  pennyhoarder.com, Wallet hacks.com, are some of my faves amongst many others
  23. Adapter Frugal mindset;  recycle, reduce, & reuse
  24. Lead by example when teaching your own kids about using money
  25. Implement delayed gratification
  26. Only buy something when you need to replace it or else you will create clutter
  27. Adapt a minimalistic lifestyle, less is more
  28. Clean and organize often ( five minutes a day will keep the Clutter away)
  29. Conserve water,  try using a timer for 8 minutes when you shower
  30. Grow your own produce (containers gardening can be pretty and unobtrusive)
  31. Throw a potluck and have everyone bring their own dish to share
  32. Trade services in barter your skills
  33. Split the cost by buying in bulk and share the items amongst family and friends
  34. Cook, bake, or bake your own food and snacks
  35. Take up DIY, learn how to fix and mend with tutorials from YouTube
  36. Unless otherwise stated, wash laundry on cold setting and hang dry
  37. Make your own soap and cleaning supplies or dilute with alcohol or water
  38. Clean and maintain your household to stay on top of problems before they occur
  39. Label your appliances and keep records of when they were last serviced
  40. Find cheaper alternatives for your lifestyle
  41. Remember to buy quality over quantity
  42. Shop clearance racks,  out-of-season items to plan for upcoming holidays and gift-giving
  43. Consider buying used from garage sales estate sales thrift stores and consignment stores
  44. Make your own Halloween costumes instead of buying new
  45. Swap hand-me-downs
  46. Get creative and make your own home decor
  47. When buying groceries consider shopping at Aldi
  48. Ride your bike to work to save on gas and get in a daily work out without paying for a gym membership
  49. Donate to your local charities like GoodWill, ReStore Habitat for Humanity, & Salvation Army. You will clear out some much-needed space in your home, receive a tax credit, all while blessing someone else with your goods.
  50. Volunteer your time to a cause that’s near and dear to you, not only will you be helping someone else but you will also gain a sense of peace and clarity of purpose in your own life by paying it forward.


It is so easy to look back on our past mistakes and place blame on ourselves because we’ve

gathered enough experience and wisdom now that we are older and wiser.


But let’s remember too, that we are only humans, and thus we are imperfect.


Let’s continue to learn from our past mistakes and have an open mind to accept the things that

we can change, our positive behaviors to save money going forward.


As promised, here is your Savings Fund Tracker.


Print it out to remind yourself of that specific goal that you are saving for so that you can reward yourself later, enjoy! 🙂


And remember, you are stronger than you know!


You can do hard things and you deserve to give yourself a more comfortable future! <3

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