30 Smart & Thrifty Quirks That Only Frugal People Would Understand!

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Growing your own veggies is one of the many cheap ways that can save you lots of money in the long run if you are on a budget.
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30 Smart & Thrifty Quirks That Only Frugal People Would Understand!


If there’s anything I have learned about frugal people over the years, it’s that they have several thrifty quirks that are just, oh so smart!


Even if you are not into the frugal living lifestyle, I think we can all benefit from learning some, if not all of these quirks, (if you want to call it that) if we want to live a more intentional, more content, & less chaotic life.


Check it out, you know you’re smart and thrifty when:


  1. You cut your paper towels in ½ and use them as napkins rather than buying napkins. Now that’s FANCY! 😉

2. You cut your own hair because you’re too cheap to pay someone else to do it. Frankly, you’re married so other than your husband, who cares how you look.


3. You grow your own food because you don’t want to waste gas going to the grocery store and pay 300% more for produce because Mother Earth has always been good to you.


4. You pay for everything in cash because that’s how your parents rolled too.


5. You drive an older car that you paid for in cash because you owe, No One.


6. You save your milk jugs after your family has guzzled down every last drop like it’s Folgers Coffee, so you that you can reuse it and have a free watering can to grow your own produce.


7. You also reuse your take-out containers on the rare occasions that your family orders take out so that you can easily stack your freezer meals.


8. You make use of that roasted chicken because you want it to be like the Justin Timberlake of nightly dinners, not Chumba Wumba (“I get knocked down..”).


9. You are by no means, a social butterfly. Instead, you prefer to be a hermit crab because you can’t stand spending money, crowded places, or loud noises.


10. You have 2 freezers because, see #9 and if ever SHTF, you have enough rations to feed the entire neighborhood. So, basically, you are Branch from the Trolls Movie.


11. You buy in bulk when things are on sale because see #10.


12. You use coupons for everything. It does not matter what it is, it’s all game!


13. You reuse just about everything, plastic containers, cardboard boxes, gift bags, see #12.


14. You die a little bit inside whenever you hear someone brag about how much they’ve overspent on a particular item, “$100 on a pair of sandals and you’ve lost it in a ditch?” :0


15. You turn off the lights before you leave a room, unplug any appliances before you leave the house, & check the thermostat to make sure it can at least sustain life form.


16. You only shop the flea market, consignment stores, or thrift stores (brownie points if it is an online store and will ship it to you for free thus making it even cheaper without you spending money on fuel) whenever you absolutely need something.


17. You make do with what you’ve already got if you simply don’t have it in your budget at that very moment because you choose to spend that cash on something better, delayed gratification.


18. You make your meals from scratch because you’d be saving money on a hobby that you enjoy doing anyway without having to spend even more money due to boredom.


19. You track every dollar and every cent because you already know how it feels like to drown in a sea of debt and you tell yourself that it will never happen again because you know better now.


20. You consolidate your trips when you need to run errands or you try your best to walk and save gas. It’s a win-win, saving money while getting in some exercise.


21. You choose to breastfeed and use cloth diapers because you know that not only will it benefit you and your child, but also your bottom line as well.


22. You invest in smart meal planning appliances like a slow cooker, extra freezer, and/or a pressure cooker to allow you to eat at home and not waste your hard earned cash in the drive-thru lines.


23. You use energy efficient light bulbs and appliances to help save more money on your electric bill.


24. You turn your hobbies into side hustles because, honestly, who doesn’t love extra cash, right?


25. You do a quarterly review of your bills, such as utilities and insurance, to negotiate the best rates for each line item.


26. You use freecycle.org, CraigsList, and FB Marketplace’s Free Section to look for giveaways to flip, see #24.


27. You find out when your grocery store restocks new items and you shop the Manager’s Specials aisles for deals on normally expensive items like specialty meats so that you can freeze it for future meals.


28. You find out when your local stores restock certain category items like toys, clothes, shoes on a particular day so that you can plan ahead to shop for those items before/after the holidays to get a head start on your holiday shopping list.


29. You follow the deal sites that email/alert you to keep up with up to the minute deals so that you have eyes on all the good deals without wasting time looking for them yourself.


30. You swap things with friends and family who share your same passion for living frugally because you know the value of squirreling away your nuts for the long winter ahead.


  Can you imagine, if we all adapted just a couple of these “quirks,” how much more we’d all benefit and not just financially, but ecologically as well.


For example, just switching to a reusable tote bag when you carry groceries would not only be an easy transition but also life-saving for our sea creatures as well.


You would be reducing the amount of plastic waste that has amassed our oceans right now.


Think of how big of an impact you can make just by switching to a couple of small alternatives to your lifestyle in place of your usual habits.


Be the change and do good my friend.


Growing your own veggies is one of the many cheap ways that can save you lots of money in the long run if you are on a budget.
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