20 Frugal Ways To Add Curb Appeal To Your Home

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A beautiful front yard doesn't have to cost very much, here is how to do it on a small budget!
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20 Frugal Ways To Add Curb Appeal To Your Home


Oh Spring, how I’ve missed you so! 🙂

Everywhere you look, flowers are in full bloom: cherry blossoms, tulips, irises, daylilies.

What a gorgeous thing to behold during our morning commutes!

And apparently, I am not the only one since there is no shortage of manicured lawns and spectacular flower beds on every corner.


Here are 20 easy and cheap ways that you can spruce up your yard and add some beautiful curb appeal to your home this spring season:


1. Add a wreath:

Hang a wreath on your front door like this DIY faux succulent one for under $9.


2. Add a nice doormat:

 You can find some really affordable ones like this DIY doormat for about $1 from the Dollar Tree and add your own spin to it with acrylic paint and seal it with NeverWet spray, also only $1 (before taxes) from the Dollar Tree.


3. Add some florals:

Flank your front door with matching flower arrangements. Remember BHG’s formula for the perfect flower arrangement: a thriller (the tall centerpiece), a spiller (a flowy plant that drapes & falls over the pot), and a filler (a plant that grows and spreads horizontally and fills in all the gaps).


4. Add a Seating Area:

Try adding an outdoor seating area to your front porch to create a relaxing, kick-your-feet-up-and stay-a-while vibe. A bistro set with a couple of chairs and a small table to set drinks on makes for a perfect conversation spot for friends and family to come over for a visit.


5. Add a touch of cozy:

Grab a handful of vibrant outdoor pillows and place them on your outdoor chairs for a comfy spot to rest after a brisk walk around the neighborhood. The bright colors will be a welcoming sight for sore eyes.


6. Add a trendy sign:

Hang up a decorative yet trendy wooden welcome sign to add a whimsical feel to your front porch. Be sure to add a weatherproof sealer like NeverWet spray to protect your sign from the harsh outdoor elements.



7. De-Weed & Declutter Your Yard:

Clean out your flower beds, get rid of dried shrubs, and throw out dead plants, and pull out the weeds from its roots. 


8. Give it a Trim:

Trim back your overgrown bushes, trees, grasses & deadhead all of the spent blooms to trigger new growth.



9. Split & Multiply:

Propagate your perennials (like hostas, irises, & celosias) strategically around the different flower beds on your property to get a cohesive look. Our red celosias were supposedly annuals. However, we were so happy to discover that they are actually invasive and have rebloomed themselves for the past 3 years in counting! :0


10. Add mulch for a finished look.

Put down a fresh new sheet of landscaping fabric over top of your cleared out area before adding topsoil, new plants, and finally your choice of colored mulch on the top layer for a professional-looking landscape.  Be sure to your flower beds and water them at least twice a day.


11. Swap it out:

Tired of the same old same old stuff year after year? Add some interest and variety to your yard by swapping your flowers with friends and family.


12. Stay Local:

Bring seasonal flowers like wandering jew oxtails, canna lilies, and hibiscus inside for the winter and bring them back outside when the frost is gone.


13. Avoid Frosts:

To prevent your flowers from freezing, remember the rule of thumb: don’t plant any annuals until after Mother’s day to avoid frostbite.


14. Add some pizazz:

Add a touch of whimsy with homemade crafts like DIY gazing balls or glow-in-the-dark balls using old bowling balls and mirror paint and glow in the dark paint from Halloween.


15. Recycle, Reduce, & Upcycle:

Save your clear warm outdoor Christmas lights to reuse them as outdoor decor to add an ambiance of romance to your back yard pergola.


16. DIY Water Feature:

Make your own DIY water feature using a solar water pump, clear tubing, and a large vase to create a private oasis in your front or backyard.


17. The More The Merrier:

For extra seating whenever you have guests over, use cinder blocks and wood beams or reuse old shipping pallets to make patio furniture for a modern rustic look.


18. Think Cement Pavers:

Going with the modern rustic theme, make your own flower planters using cement pavers.


19. Go Au-Naturale:

While you’re at it, make a natural-looking welcome mat with affordable supplies like; river rocks, hot glue, utility mat that you can get from the Dollar Tree about $6.


20. Add a private ambiance:

Create a hanging wall trellis to grow your own produce or add a touch of privacy in your yard for form and function.


In Summary:

Although we’ve had quite a delay with the crazy weather patterns lately, Spring has just sprung in our neighborhood and hopefully in your area too!

Warm weather is finally here!

So get out there and soak up that wonderful sun and give your yard some much needed TLC and curb appeal too!


A beautiful front yard doesn't have to cost very much, here is how to do it on a small budget!


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