10 More Easy Lunchbox Ideas To Get Your Kids Excited About Lunch Again!

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Easy LunchBox of cheese quesadilla, blueberries, raspberries, almonds, & tater tots

10 More Easy Lunchbox Ideas To Get Your Kids Excited About Lunch Again!


We are about more than ½ way through with school around here and as you know, it can be a real drag as we inch toward the end of another school year, particularly when it comes to school cafeteria lunches.


We have a few staples at home that we like to keep in our arsenal of easy lunchbox ideas so that packing a school lunch won’t feel like such a chore each day to you and bore to their taste buds.


But from what I know of my kids, and they are as different as night and day, is that variety is still the spice of life.


Even though they like to stick to their tried and true favorites, they always seem to appreciate a couple of twists that I’d throw in for them just to make it more interesting.


Plan To Win:

If you’re anything like my family, you would probably agree that making a weekly menu plan on Sundays is a life saver.


It makes our week go by so much smoother when we know exactly what to eat for dinner and what to pack for lunches.


My super smart squirt of a daughter came up with the idea to add the weather each day of our weekly menu plan so that #1 she can plan on what to wear and #2 so that I can know whether or not to pack a hot lunch or a cold lunch for them.


The kids agreed that I should pack a hot lunch for cold and rainy days and a cold lunch for hot and sunny days.


Here is what our we wrote down on our post-it note next to our weekly menu plan to help us keep our mornings tame & under control:


For Cold & Rainy Days:

  1. Veggie Ramen Noodle Bowls, orange slices, savory snack mix
  2. Veggie Rice Noodle Salad Bowls, fruit salad, & SunChips
  3. Shredded Dried Chicken & Rice Porridge Soup
  4. Miso Soup & Rice Bowls, veggie chips, & sliced pears
  5. Mac & Cheese, Veggie Chips, & Gogurt
  6. Chicken Nuggets, Sweet Potato Tots, & Apple Slices


For Hot & Sunny Days:

  1. Crustless Star PB & J’s, string cheese, & Veggie Chips
  2. Turkey Hot Dogs on a bun, veggie chips, & apple sauce
  3. Bento Box: cheese cubes, pretzel sticks, turkey rolls, dried fruit, & carrot sticks
  4. Pasta w/Pesto, grape tomatoes, & mozzarella cheese, garlic bread stick, & grapes



To Recap:

These are just a few easy lunchbox ideas to get your kids excited about lunch again.


You can also print out a free copy of my Weekly Menu Plan to help you keep your lunch packing from becoming a stressful chore.


Don’t worry, they’ve already made it through more than ½ the school year surviving through the mystery lunches you’ve so diligently packed for them throughout the year.


What’s a few more ideas to whet their appetites and finish out the rest of the school year on a high note, enjoy!

Sharing is caring!

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