10 DIY Home Organizers You Can Make Instead of Buy!

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Why buy when you can DIY these drawer organizer, TP roll seedling cups, clothes pin art display, and candy box jewelry organizer?
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10 DIY Home Organizers You Can Make Instead of Buy!


In the spirit of spring cleaning and Earth Day this week, I thought it would be a fun idea to come up with ways for us to organize our household, even on a tiny budget.

The one thing I have come to appreciate in life is that you do not always have to have the latest and greatest in order to live a good fulfilling life.

The same can be said for keeping things organized in your home.


Here are 10 DIY home organizers that you can make at home instead of wasting money on store-bought kinds because of homemade works just as well and oftentimes even better.


1. Jewelry Organizer

Using plastic or aluminum packaging from your empty boxes of candy or cookies, you can give them a good wash and dry and reuse them as jewelry organizers or even for office supplies. Just like this cool jewelry organizer, check out the tutorial for more info on how to make yours.



These fabric storage organizers were found on hollar.com for $1 per piece shipped. They were cheaper than buying the fabric to make them by myself. However, if you have scrap fabric on-hand, go for it!

2. Storage Bins

You can reuse your old shoe boxes & contact or wrapping paper to make durable storage bins to transform them into these pretty matching storage bins for your home or office, check out this tutorial for more info on how to make yours.       



3. Seedling Cups

Don’t throw out those used up rolls of toilet paper and paper towel rolls just yet. You can reuse them as seedling cups to grow your own produce in your backyard. Just fill them ½ way with potting soil, drop in the seeds, add water, fold in the bottom flaps and drop them right into the ground and cover with more soil. Check out this link for more info on to make your own seedling cups.



4. Office or Craft Supplies Storage Containers

Mason jars are probably my favorite kind of container to use to store pretty much anything because they are so durable and pretty that you can use them just about anywhere in your home. Check out this tutorial for more info on how to make these pretty mason jar storage containers.


 5.  Garage Tool Organizer

A smart idea to organize the power tools in your garage is to use various sizes of PVC pipes. This simple tutorial below shows you how to do just that using some simple items that you may already own in your toolbox to recreate your own organizer. Here is how to make these yourself.



6. Artwork Display

If you have kids, you are no stranger to the amount of artwork that your kids can generate. Every piece they create is a masterpiece and deserves to be displayed for at least a little while before they get pitched. Here is a simple tutorial on how you can make a DIY art display using clothespins, a piece of scrap wood, and acrylic paints or markers.



7. Cozy Pillow Covers

Wondering what to do with your favorite cozy sweater with a snag in it? Turn it into a cozy pillow cover so you can hang on to it even longer. Check out this tutorial on how to make your own cozy sweater pillow cover.            



8. Segmented Drawer Organizers

If you are a hoarder of clothes, you need to make one of these segmented drawer organizers using leftover cardboard and contact paper. Not only will it save you the frustration of fighting with your drawer but it will actually help you find your favorite long lost pair of socks buried underneath all of the other unknowns in your too small of a drawer with too many things. It may be time for you to pare it down to just your faves too…



9. Chip Clips

If you’re a snacker and you tend to run into the problem of breaker all of the chip clips that you own, try using binder clips instead. They come in various colors & sizes and you and get an entire box of 20 for $1 from Dollar Tree. For that price, I dare you to try and break them now! 😉



10. Pencil Cups/Office Supplies Containers

I love burning my candles, but I never really know exactly what to do with them when they are done. Since the glass jar is so pretty, still smells so darn good, and is quite durable, I use it to hold my colored pencils inside, for now.


In Summary:

As Marie Kondo would say, “the things you choose to keep should be the things that spark the most joy for you.”

So the next time you think about tossing that empty box of cereal out into the trash.

Imagine what it could do for you as gets recycled and revamps into a cute new magazine holder inside your office instead of in a landfill somewhere.  


Why buy when you can DIY these drawer organizer, TP roll seedling cups, clothes pin art display, and candy box jewelry organizer?

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